SHOW ME THE WAY by Ashley Farley – Review & Giveaway CLOSED *

Ashley Farley offers the second installment in the Hope Springs Series with SHOW ME THE WAY. The book includes the characters we grew to love in the first book, and adds a couple more, to make it just that much more fun. When two lost souls meet by chance, their worlds collide in an explosive tale of romance and suspense. And we readers find a story filled with love, family and generosity. I love Ashley Farley’s way of gently bringing readers into her world and sharing the pleasant experience. I can’t wait for book three.


Presley Ingram has often wondered about her birth parents. Yet her 23andMe test kit remains unopened in her bedside table drawer. When she finds an address on a torn envelope in her adoption file upon her adoptive mother’s death, she makes an impulsive decision to travel to the mountains of Virginia in search of answers. In the charming town of Hope Springs, she discovers her dream job as event planner at the prestigious Inn at Hope Springs Farms and the potential for romance with a ruggedly handsome bartender. Presley has an uncanny knack for reading people. While she suspects Everett has a genuine heart, she’s convinced he’s hiding something from his previous life.

Everett Baldwin is on the run from his past. He’s hiding out under an assumed name and working as a bartender while his dreams of becoming a country music star slip away. When opportunity knocks, Everett is forced to face his demons in order to move on with his life. Secrets are revealed and chaos ensues. Will Everett be able to salvage his relationship with the woman of his dreams?

Ashley Farley is an Indie author and amateur photographer who writes books about women for women. Her characters are mothers, daughters, sisters and wives that deal with real life issues. Her first novel, Saving Ben, was released in January 2013 as a tribute to her late brother Neal who passed away from an accidental overdose in 1999. It deals with mental illness and substance abuse and how they can destroy families. Her second book, Her Sister’s Shoes’s, was released in June 2015 and was written shortly after her yonger son went off to college. Her writing continues to be an outlet for her feelings and she goes through these challenging times in her life.

Thanks to Kate Rock Stars for providing a copy of SHOW ME THE WAY to giveaway. Just tell us what you’re looking forward to reading this fall. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

18 thoughts on “SHOW ME THE WAY by Ashley Farley – Review & Giveaway CLOSED *

  1. This book sounds like a great read and I love the cover! I have different books in different genres I am looking forward to reading. I am looking forward to reading Kim Powers Memoir. Thank you for the chance.


  2. I am looking forward to Denise Hunter new book which I think is going to be released next month. I believe the title is Autumn sky? though I could be wrong. I have it pre ordered so I am excited. This book sounds good as well! I will have to look into it!


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