It’s always exciting when bestselling author, Allison Winn Scotch comes out with a new novel. CLEO McDOUGAL REGRETS NOTHING (LakeUnionPublishing) comes at a great time. Do you see any Kamala in her?

Politics is a test of wills in a sharp, funny, and emotional novel about truth and consequences by the New York Times bestselling author.

Cleo McDougal is a born politician. From congresswoman to senator, the magnetic, ambitious single mother now has her eye on the White House—always looking forward, never back. Until an estranged childhood friend shreds her in an op-ed hit piece gone viral.

With seven words—“Cleo McDougal is not a good person”—the presidential hopeful has gone from in control to damage control, and not just in Washington but in life.

Enter Cleo’s “regrets list” of 233 and counting. Her chief of staff has a brilliant idea: pick the top ten, make amends during a media blitz, and repair her reputation. But there are regrets, and there are regrets: like her broken relationship with her sister, her affair with a law school professor…and the regret too big to even say out loud.

But with risk comes reward, and as Cleo makes both peace and amends with her past, she becomes more empowered than ever to tackle her career, confront the hypocrites out to destroy her, and open her heart to what matters most—one regret at a time.


A little about me…

I had a perfectly normal, wonderful childhood spent in Charlottesville, Virginia and then later, Seattle, where I had a funny slightly-Southern drawl but otherwise found my calling among all the flannel and the grey skies. My mom was a teacher who encouraged us to read a lot (and used to send vocab words in the mail to camp over the summer), so I suppose the seeds of literature, coupled with an active imagination (hello, I could have SO been an actress) led me to one day believe that I could write fiction.

While earning my keep as a freelance magazine writer (all of those “10 Ways to a Better Life” articles you read? I wrote them on every subject, as well as had the good fortune to write hundreds of celebrity profiles, which I genuinely adored and met some amazing and talented people), I tucked away pockets of time toward a novel. Which, four years later, I finally finished. It was terrible. But I wrote another one that proved less so, and now, a decade later, I’m seven books deep.

Other Tidbits

I graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Honors History and Concentration in Marketing from the Wharton School of Business.

When I’m not planted in front of the computer (go ahead: send me a note!), I’m hiking, running, doing yoga, reading, listening to music, negotiating with my teenagers, or hanging out with my family and our pooches, Pele and Mr. Peanut.

Thanks to Lake Union Publishing we have a copy to giveaway. Just tell us what you think about the upcoming 2020 election. All opinions are appreciated. We’ll annunce w inner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

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24 thoughts on “CLEO McDOUGAL REGRETS NOTHING by Allison Winn Scotch ** GIVEAWAY CLOSED **

  1. I feel that this will be the most important presidential election I will be participating in. This election will set the course for the direction of the country.


  2. It makes me worried about the future for my children and grandchildren! I want a government tat gives us the land if the free vs. Government controlled.

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  3. Everyone needs to vote. Let’s hope the right person wins. Thanks for the giveaway. Stay safe and healthy.


  4. This book sounds like a great read and a very good page turner! It’s time to get our Country back to Nomal!! We are in need for a much, much better change for the good of our Country . Please everyone go out and vote!


  5. Fair & free elections are the cornerstone of our democracy. Our right to vote is enshrined in our Constitution & is one many Americans have fought tirelessly for & strive to protect. We the people deserve to have elections free of fraud & a government that works for us.


  6. This sounds like a clever (and timely!) plot! I believe this election year will be one for the history books, for so many obvious reasons. Honestly, I can’t wait for it to be over, because I hope that afterwards, we all try to play nice with each other again. The country is so divided about so many things right now, when we should actually be banding together to fix things (think 9/11.)
    Let’s hope we all get through this healthy, and as a team and not like shouting siblings! 🙂


  7. I’m tired of the back and forth spitting on each other – we need to focus on the betterment of the country and not so much the personal lives of others (as long as it doesn’t affect your work).


  8. I’m not looking forward to it. I’m afraid it’s going to get very ugly and can’t wait until it’s over.


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