In Brooke Lea Foster’s debut novel, SUMMER DARLINGS (Gallery), Heddy Winsome leaves her familiar Irish Brooklyn neighborhood for the elegant and privileged Island of Martha’s Vineyard. She’s hired to babysit Anna and Teddy , two children of the ultra wealthy Williams family.

It’s 1962 and readers get a peak behind the gilded walls of one of America’s most secluded enclaves for the rich. While working as a nanny she grows to love the Vineyard, but begins to recognize an underbelly to all the glamour. At the same time she learns her scholarship for her senior year at Wellesley has been cancelled putting her dreams and future at risk.

Trying to discover her place in the wealthy Williams’ circle of friends, she meets a surfer boy who seems to hang out with all the wives, but Heddy wonders if he might be the boy for her. Soon she discovers the right last name and address in a tony zip-code may mean privilege, but doesn’t necessarily equal happiness.

I enjoyed my holiday on Martha’s Vineyard, courtesy of SUMMER DARLINGS. She experiences what F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “The very rich are different from you and me.” I could relate to a lot of the novel, having been an au pair to a family one summer in the Hamptons. I’m fortunate that I didn’t have to experience her employers condensation or live with a couple who loathed one another. I guess one could look at the generational time difference. Heddy worked in the 60s, I joined a family in the early 80s. Either way, SUMMER DARLINGS is a delightful read full of interesting characters and numerous plots.

By the way, the cover is gorg!

Brooke Lea Foster is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, People, PARADE, Parents, Psychology Today, Washingtonian,and The Atlantic, among others.


Thanks to BookSparks we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us how you’re enjoying your summer. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

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46 thoughts on “SUMMER DARLINGS by Brooke Lea Foster ** GIVEAWAY CLOSED **

  1. Life is pretty monotonous here in the California valley due to the pandemic. Working from home but did get away in a coastal drive for 6 days in a RV. Planning a fishing getaway next, but mostly home and lots of reading.

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  2. It’s not easy this summer with covid etc etc….i work but have been taking alot of Monday’s off to extend my weekends at our lake cabin where I try to relax by fishing and reading and an occasional jet ski!!

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  3. Went on vacation to the Outer Banks and spent alot of time with my family.Swimming and cookouts,not much different from any other summer.

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  4. Really just staying home as much as we can and doing things here. We can fish and ride our side by side or just sit outside and read or watch the hummingbirds at the feeders. It may be boring to some, but it is nice to spend some time with nature.

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  5. This is an unusual summer in that I’ve not been able to personally be with my family or friends. I have been reading a lot, but than that’s what I normally do. I have made it a point to touch base with some friends that live away from me through email letters.

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  6. It’s going okay. At least I’ve been able to work since the pandemic started. I miss going to the beach but I did go tubing for the 1st time in 30 years.

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  7. Taking our pup for walks every morning, working in the garden in the mornings and after that staying indoors, because it has been way too hot to be out doors except for in the mornings.

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  8. I’m enjoying the weather and spending my evenings working on the yard. It’s been nice having my youngest at home this summer. Her plans were to be away all summer but thanks to Covid, everything was canceled and she’s been staying with us.

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  9. I planted a garden and spend time with my hubby and kids..they are all growing up and turning into adults so I am soaking up their attention while I can!! This cover is beautiful and it sounds like a great read!

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  10. I’ve been enjoying getting to know my first grandchild, my granddaughter Avery. She has been the light, in this otherwise dark time. Her blue eyes, giggles and beautiful smile, melt my heart and make my world so much better. Thanks for the chance to win!


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