IN A LITTLE BIT of GRACE , family is everything—Grace McAdams’s mom must have said it to her a thousand times before she died. Before Grace’s dad ran off with an aspiring actress half his age. Before only-child Grace found out she was unable to have children of her own. Before Brian—her childhood best friend, business partner, and finally her husband—dropped a “bombshell” on her in the form of her stunning new replacement.

Which means Grace now has…nothing.

Until a letter from a woman claiming to be a relative Grace never knew she had sends her on a journey—from the childhood home she had to move back into (three doors down from the happy couple) to a tropical paradise island to meet a total stranger who claims to be family. And Grace starts to uncover answers about the eccentric woman her family never mentioned: an octogenarian who writes a viral relationship-advice blog, a compulsive (and highly successful) matchmaker…and the keeper of an unimaginable family secret held for more than fifty years.

A heartfelt, funny story about family and forgiveness, starting over when the happy ending ends, and handling it all with a little bit of grace.

Phoebe Fox is a former journalist and a relationship columnist for the Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and SheKnows. She’s been obsessed with words since she sounded out her first one with Sesame Street, and now writes funny, touching contemporary women’s fiction about relationships, heartbreak, loss, grief, and all the ways the people we love drive us crazy. One day she plans to finally figure out why we gloriously illogical humans do the strange things we do. Phoebe lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two excellent dogs.


A LITTLE BIT OF GRACE is published today.

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