Meet Barbara Conrey author of NOWHERE NEAR GOODBYE (RedAdeptPublishing). In her novel, tragedy of the past meets the challenges of the future. NOWHERE NEAR GOODBYE publishes tomorrow.

​Oncologist Emma Blake has dedicated her life to finding a cure for a rare brain cancer. Twenty-five years ago, Emma’s childhood friend Kate died of glioblastoma, and Emma vowed to annihilate the deadly disease. Now, Kate’s father, Ned, is pushing her to work harder to fulfill that promise.

When Emma discovers she’s pregnant, she’s torn between the needs of her family and the demands of her work. While Ned pressures her to do the unthinkable, her husband, Tim, decorates the nursery. Unwilling to abandon her research, Emma attempts to keep both sides of her life in balance.

Emma knows she needs to reconcile her past with her present and walk the fine line between mother and physician. But Ned has a secret, and when Emma discovers what he’s been hiding, the foundation of her world cracks.

Nowhere Near Goodbye is a story of family, failure, and second chances. I didn’t want NOWHERE NEAR HERE to end. Barbara’s prose coupled with complex, intriguing characters kept me glued to the page. I can’t believe this is her first novel. I look forward to what she publishes next.

Barbara Conrey worked in the health care industry for many years before opting for an early retirement which lasted all of three months. Retirement didn’t suit, so Barbara accepted a position in finance for which she had absolutely no background, and four years later she decided to write a book. But not about finance.

Travel is a passion, along with reading, hiking and exploring antique shops. Barbara’s greatest passion is Miss Molly, her rescue beagle. There are stories to be told about beagles and Barbara hopes to incorporate some of those stories into her books.

Barbara lives in Central Pennsylvania, close to family and friends, and of course, Miss Molly.

Thanks to Barbara, we have 2 of her books to giveaway. Just tell us what novel you’re looking forward to reading this fall. We’ll announce winners soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

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37 thoughts on “NOWHERE NEAR GOODBYE by Barbara Conrey – **GIVEAWAY CLOSED **

  1. I don’t have just one because I always have a list! I’m looking forward to Jodie Picoult, but this one sounds great! Always reading and reviewing.

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  2. What a great sounding book, Thank you for sharing about it. I am looking forward to reading Her Mother’s Daughter by Daniela Petrolva

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  3. Hello Summer becuz I won’t get to it until Fall lol…oh well maybe by then it will bring summer back to me when I am reading!?


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