BUZZ BOOKS, Great Reads Fall/Winter 2020

Last week, Publisher’s Lunch introduced some bloggers, reviewers and editors to their BUZZ BOOKS Fall/Winter 2020 catalog. We got some of the inside scoop on the books making the most buzz this fall and some facts about the authors.

SET MY HEART TO FIVE, Simon Stephenson, Hanover Square Press, Pub. date: September 1st

SET MY HEART TO FIVE by Simon Stephenson has been called one of those “just trust me books.” If you’re not into bots and sci-fi you have to give this novel a little wiggle room to get to the heart of the story and it’ll be worth it. It’s 2054: A human like bot named Jared’s emotional awakening leads him on an emotional quest for connection, belonging and possibly true love. But what makes him stand apart from humans is that he’s unable to have feelings. “So I tell the human being that they can think of me as a microwave with feet.” Jared has experiences that “bamboozle” him. SET MY HEART TO FIVE is a heartfelt story about what it is like to be human.

Author, Simon Stephenson is quick to share he was chosen as one of the 44 most eligible bachelors in Scotland. Given that it is a very small country and there were only a total of 45 bachelors, this was not a compliment but in fact a well-crafted insult.

MEMORIAL by Bryan Washington, Riverhead Books, Pub. date: October 6th.

Benson and Michael are two young guys who live in Houston. Michael is a Japanese/American chef and Benson is black care teacher.
They’ve been living together for a few years, but now question their relationship.
“The thing about a moving train, is that, sometimes, you can catch it. … If you fall, you’re dead. If you’re too slow, you’re dead. But if you get a running start, it’s not entirely gone.”
Michael’s father is sick in Japan so he travels to see him while his mother travels to Houston where she ends up being an unlikely roommate with Benson.
Both men will change in ways that make them stronger together, fracture everything they know.
MEMORIAL is a funny story about family in all its strange forms.

Author, Bryan Washington regularly writes for THE NEW YORKER. He’s written about an obsession with soondubu Jiagae, bread pudding and the comfort of queer baking.
WE KEEP THE DEAD CLOSE by Becky Cooper, Grand Central Publishing, Pub. date: Nov 10th.

WE KEEP THE DEAD CLOSE is a true crime narrative of the January 7, 1969 unsolved murder of Jane Britton at the prestigious institution Harvard. Author Cooper’s “haunted by the very things that made her love Harvard. It’s seduction, limitless also made it a very convincing villain.” The book questions whether Harvard covered up the murder or allowed the murderer stay on its faculty. Becky’s work and research on this book motivated investigators to take a look at this coldcase 50 years later.

Author, Becky Cooper told editor, David Remick she was leaving THE NEW YORKER to go on a dig in the middle of summer, he said, “Is that how much you hate me?”
BEFORE THE RUINS by Victoria Gosling, Henry Holt, Pub date: May 6, 2021

Four people on the verge of adulthood. One fateful night at an old manor. The search for a necklace stolen 50 years ago. Deception – betrayal. One of the four goes missing. Is the game bigger than the secrets?

Author, Victoria Gossling says in her early 20s, she was arrested in Tibet for Hitch-hiking in a forbidden area while doing her best Ernest Heminway impression.

THE PUSH, Ashley Audrain, Pamela Dorman Books, Pub. date: Jan 5, 2021

A tense psychological page turning drama making and breaking a family. A woman whose motherhood is nothing she expected and everything she feared.

“I don’t want this to happen to anyone,” she whispers to nobody. I was exhausted . You were standing two feet away drinking the water the nurse had bought for me, I couldn’t keep it down.”

“You don’t want what to happen?

“The baby?”

“You mean the birth?”

“No, I mean the baby.”

She tried very hard to be the woman she was expected to be. A good wife. A good mother. Everything seemed like it would be just fine.

Only it wasn’t.

WE RUN WITH THE TIDES, Vendala Vida, ECCO, Pub. date: Feb. 9, 2021

WE RUN WITH THE TIDES is a story of a place, the very wealthy area of Sea Cliff in San Francisco and a group of people on the brink of transformation.
“And most importantly because we are 13 and attend an all-girls school, we know where all the boys are.”
Pre-tech boom San Francisco finds its mirrors in the changing lives of teenage girls at the center of this story of lost innocense – the pain of too much freedom and the struggle to find ones authentic self.
The four of us Maria Fabiola, Faith , Julia and I own the streets of Sea Cliff, but it’s Maria Fabiola and I who know the beaches best.

Vendala is co-founder of BELIEVER, a literary and arts review published by McSweeney’s, and co-edited it for 15 years.

You have plenty of time to pre-order your copies of these books. Early sales help authors in their standings. So look up your favorite local independent book store and place an order. Happy reading!

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