“San Francisco private school admissions is an ugly sport, and playground legend states that the first rule of the game is a personal meet and greet with the admissions director who holds the outcome of every child’s future.” TINY IMPERFECTIONS

Co-authors Alli Frank and Asha Youmane take us inside the cut-throat world of private school admissions in their debut novel, TINY IMPERFECTIONS (Putnam). They’re one of the first black and white author duos, each bringing their own unique perspectives.

Josie works as the admissions director at Fairchild Country Day School, where every wealthy and entitled parent wants their little wonder kid to attend. The authors have both worked in private and public schools for over twenty years, so they definitely have the inside dirt. Josie dropped out of college and got pregnant before heading back to Aunt Viv who raised her- the same Aunt Viv who raised Josie when her mother dropped her off years ago. Josie has a four-year old named Etta and she’s determined to make sure Etta doesn’t make the same mistakes she did.

TINY IMPERFECTIONS is a delicious mother-daughter rom-com that takes on some very on trend issues – race, religion, and sexual orientation, but at its heart is the story of how all parents want their kids to find happiness and success.

Josie and her best friend, Lola made me yearn for the BFF friendship they shared. They were so real they popped off the page. I loved the three way relationship between Josie, Etta and Aunt Viv. TINY IMPERFECTIONS is a straight on fun read perfect for summer. It had me laughing out loud and I think you will too.



Alli Frank

The robustness of a farm girl, the honed sophistication of a city woman, a dash of Jewish chutzpah, and a heaping cup of endurance athlete and voila, you have Alli Frank.  Alli was raised in Yakima, WA, the only child of two parents who instilled in her that hard work coupled with a resilient spirit will take you far.  Alli lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, two daughters and terribly cute mini-Bernedoodle. When she needs good food (cause she can’t really cook) she turns to her co-author Asha Youmans. This is her first book.


Asha Youmans

Asha Youmans was raised in Seattle, WA, by an educational and civil right pioneer father and a children’s hospital administrator mother, along with a sister and a brother she admires and adores.  After receiving a degree from the University of California, Berkeley, Asha returned to Seattle where she taught in public and private schools for nearly 20 years. Asha is a fabulous home cook who loves storytelling and connecting with others by making them smile. She lives with her white husband, two ethnically ambiguous sons, and a dog that is part Yorkie and part who-the-heck-knows. This is her first book. 



Thanks to Kathleen Carter Communications, we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us what book you’re looking forward to reading this summer. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

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  1. It just came yesterday, Feels Like Falling by Kristy Woodson Harvey. I am so excited. She is an amazing author. No housework getting done today!

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