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Many of us recognize the name Marcia Clark from the OJ Simpson trial. She was the lead prosecutor. A decade plus later, she’s a successful author. In the fourth installment of her suspenseful Samantha Brinkman series, FINAL JUDGEMENT (ThomasMercer), a murder investigation draws attorney Samantha Brinkman into her boyfriend’s past.

When it comes to relationships and self-preservation, defense attorney Samantha Brinkman has always been cut and run. But it’s different with her new lover, Niko, an ambitious and globally famous entrepreneur. Sam is putting her faith in him. She has to. He’s also her new client—a suspect in the murder of an investor whose shady dealings turned Niko’s good life upside down.

He had the motive: revenge. As did many others who banked a fortune on the wrong man. That’s a point in Niko’s favor. So is his alibi for the day of the slaying. Until that alibi mysteriously disappears. As Sam’s feverish search for another viable killer begins, the investigation only leads deeper into Niko’s past and its secrets.

From the darkest suspicions to final judgment, fighting for Niko is Sam’s job. To do it, she must risk everything on a man who could make all her worst fears come true.


Marcia Clark

Marcia Clark is a bestselling author and a criminal lawyer who began her career in law as a criminal defense attorney and went on to become a prosecutor in the L.A. District Attorney’s Office in 1981. She spent ten years in the Special Trials Unit, where she handled a number of high profile cases, including the prosecution of stalker/murderer Robert Bardo, whose conviction for the murder of actress Rebecca Schaeffer resulted in legislation that offered victims better protection from stalkers as well as increased punishment for the offenders. She was lead prosecutor for the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

In May of 1997 her book on the Simpson case, Without a Doubt, was published and reached #1 on the New York TimesWall St. JournalWashington PostLos Angeles Times, and Publishers Weekly bestsellers lists. In February 2016, Clark re-released the book with a new foreword.

Clark’s crime fiction series centering on criminal defense attorney, Samantha Brinkman, debuted in 2016 with the publication of Blood Defense, a #1 Amazon bestseller. ABC Studios optioned the book and NBC purchased a pilot script for a one-hour drama series based on the book. Moral Defense, the second book in the series, which was published in 2016, made the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. The third book in the series, Snap Judgment, was published in 2017.

Clark is also the author of four bestselling legal thrillers featuring prosecutor Rachel Knight: The CompetitionKiller AmbitionGuilt by Degrees, and Guilt by Association. TNT optioned the books for a one-hour drama series and shot the pilot, which starred Julia Stiles as Rachel Knight.

Marcia Clark has been interviewed on Dateline NBCNBC Nightly NewsEllenTodayThe ViewThe Early ShowGood Morning America, and Entertainment Tonight, among many others and has been featured in the Los Angeles TimesPeopleVultureVogueElle, and many other media outlets in the United States and around the world. She gives lectures across the country on a variety of topics, including how celebrity and media attention continue to impact criminal cases, the gender bias of the media and the workplace, and the ways in which those attitudes are changing among the millennials.

Thanks to Megan Beatie Communications, we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us the latest TRUE crime novel you’ve read, and your thoughts about it. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please


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25 thoughts on “FINAL JUDGEMENT by Marcia Clark – SPOTLIGHT & Giveaway

  1. Teach Me To Kill by Ken Englade – story of Pam Smart. It’s fascinating to read about a person who denies leading and directing a kill, and believes she is not responsible for any wrong doing.

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  2. It’s been awhile since I read a true crime story. My Dad used to subscribe to a True Crime and True Detective magazines and give them to me after he read them. He passed away in 1990. I still miss him a lot. I think I am very due to read a true crime story and this just might be it. 😁

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  3. I recently read Valentine by Elizabeth Wetmore about a brutal attack in a young woman in Texas in the 1970s. It was very, very compelling.

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  4. I haven’t read any true crime lately but I watch true crime shows all the time! Marcia Clark is one of my favorite attorneys! I was a paralegal for criminal court for 30 years so I’m eager to read this book! 😀

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  5. The latest true crime I read was Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies In a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carryrou. It’s about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, the multi-billion dollar biotech company. Fascinating in the amount of deceit she and Sunny Balwani were able to pull off.

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  6. I haven’t read any true crime recently, but Marcia Clark’s promises to be riveting, captivating and on the edge of my seat good reading! I’d love to receive a copy to read and review.

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  7. I can’t wait to read a book by Marcia Clark. I was mesmerized by the OJ Simpson trial and the drama from that. I have recently finished reading Yellow Bird. A story of murder on an Indian reservation over oil, I thought it was a very good read and loved the pursuit of justice one woman wanted.

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  8. I just finished THE MICHIGAN MURDERS by Edward Keyes.

    During 1967 to 1969, a string of horrific murders took place in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Michigan. All the victims were girls in their teens and 20s. And all the murders had other similarities as well. A serial killer was loose in the area, and THE MICHIGAN MURDERS is the story of his apprehension.

    We see the frustration of the police as more and more murders happen and they are unable to find the murderer. One newspaper even refers to them as the Keystone Cops.

    A 22-year-old rookie policeman’s report marks the beginning of their focus on one young man. He’s a handsome guy, athletic-looking, and a motorcycle enthusiast. It’s easy to see why girls would want to trust this stranger.

    This story is true with the exception of many of the names. This was Edward Keyes‘ effort in 1976 to protect many of the people presented in this book. Nowadays, though, we have the Internet. It’s easy to look up. You can find updates and lots of pictures there, along with everyone’s real name.

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  9. I haven’t read any true crime books lately but I like the subject. Will often watch it or look it up online because the psychology behind it fascinates me.

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  10. I don’t keep track of which book is considered true crime. I have recently read AMERICAN DIRT, FRANCI’S WAR and THE NICKEL BOYS. These are true stories of crimes against people.

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