In Lori Neilsen Spielman’s new highly anticpated novel, THE STAR BROSSED SISTERS of TUSCANY (Berkley) Emilia Fontana lives a very ordinary life in her small Brooklyn apartment, surrounded by the family and friends she has always known, earning her keep at the Fontana family bakery—and that’s how she likes it. She is a second-born daughter—and the Fontana Second-Daughter Curse dictates that second daughters will never find long-lasting love or amount to much, anyway. So Emilia is content to spend her days quietly, living out the only life she’s ever known.

 Enter eccentric Aunt Poppy, the black sheep of the family. Emilia knows she’s not supposed to speak to the woman who betrayed her nonna many years ago, but when Poppy calls out of the blue and offers an all-expenses-paid trip to Italy for Emilia and her cousin, Lucy—the 20-something generation of Fontana second-born daughters—she can’t exactly turn down the opportunity of a lifetime.

It’s not long before Emilia and Lucy learn that the vivacious Aunt Poppy, who dresses in colorful scarves and lives life to the fullest, has ulterior motives for this trip. The real reason for their adventure: she’s determined to break the Fontana Second-Daughter Curse once and for all and live out the rest of her days with the man she fell in love with many years ago.


Lori Nelson Spielman is a former speech pathologist, guidance counselor,  and teacher of homebound students. She enjoys fitness running, traveling, and reading, though writing is her true passion. Her first novel, The Life List, has been published in thirty countries and optioned by Fox 2000. Her second novel, Sweet Forgiveness, was also an international bestseller. She lives in Michigan with her husband and their very spoiled puppy.

twitter:  @lnelsonspielman


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13 thoughts on “The STAR-CROSSED SISTERS of TUSCANY by Lori NELSON SPIELMAN * Spotlight *

  1. I have a little fur baby named Fletcher and he’s also very spoiled like the author’s! I have heard wonderful things about this book, love historical fiction and would be so thrilled to receive a copy.


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