IGNITE YOUR LIGHT by Jolene Hart – Spotlight & Giveaway



Something positive and motivational as we go into this Holy week, during these difficult times.

Light up your life — and your self – with this joy-filled guide to beauty, healing, and personal energy that includes delicious recipes, immune-strengthening wellness rituals, and practical steps for building a better world.

Whether it’s fresh flowers, old family photos, an intense sweat session, or a good friend, we all have things that light us up, that shift our energy and help us thrive. Ignite Your Light helps you shine, with the support of 13 key energy influencers in your life — from relationships and environment to food, creativity, and mindset.
Start with a Define Your Energy quiz to learn what influences your energy at each time of day, from sunrise to moonlight. Then, think back to your last amazing meal, or remember a great conversation you had. How will you make space for the things that grow your beauty and resilience through life’s varied chapters and challenges? Each page of this immersive guide is packed with inspirational, actionable ways to bring life-changing happiness and healing into your life. If you’ve been struggling with self-care and want to boost your daily joy, Ignite Your Light has ideas and inspiration for you, including:

  • Delicious recipes that support glowing skin and optimal health

  • Fresh takes on self-care rituals, from yoga nidra to skin care as energy release

  • Support for releasing negative energy and stuck habits

  • Inspiration-packed profiles of the 13 leading factors that influence your energy and power your inner light

  • Simple shifts that improve your long-term happiness via your mindset, actions, environment, and relationships

Filled with colorful illustrations and photos, Ignite Your Light is both a beautiful and practical guide for anyone who wants to positively influence their own energy, grow the beauty in their daily life, and shine their light on the world around them.


Jolene’s words:

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15 thoughts on “IGNITE YOUR LIGHT by Jolene Hart – Spotlight & Giveaway

  1. I’m not sure if this book totally fits your description but I loved Eat, Pray, Love!!!
    I need this kind of book right now. Thank you!

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  2. The latest one was Happiness 365 which I shared with others on my FB blog page. It was a free eBook on Amazon. This book sounds fantastic. Love this cover. Thanks!

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