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A faraway land.
A family’s dynasty.
A trail of secrets that could shatter their glamorous lifestyle.

Karin Tanabe’s new historical novel, A HUNDRED SUNS (StMartinsPress) begins a on a humid afternoon in 1933. American Jessie Lesage steps off a boat from Paris and onto the shores of Vietnam. Accompanying her French husband Victor, an heir to the Michelin rubber fortune, she’s certain that their new life is full of promise, for while the rest of the world is sinking into economic depression, Indochine is gold for the Michelins. Jessie knows that the vast plantations near Saigon are the key to the family’s prosperity, and though they have recently been marred in scandal, she needs them to succeed for her husband’s sake—and to ensure that the life she left behind in America stays buried in the past.

Jessie dives into the glamorous colonial world, where money is king and morals are brushed aside, and meets Marcelle de Fabry, a spellbinding expat with a wealthy Indochinese lover, the silk tycoon Khoi Nguyen. Descending on Jessie’s world like a hurricane, Marcelle proves to be an exuberant guide to colonial life. But hidden beneath her vivacious exterior is a fierce desire to put the colony back in the hands of its people––starting with the Michelin plantations.

It doesn’t take long for the sun-drenched days and champagne-soaked nights to catch up with Jessie. With an increasingly fractured mind, her affection for Indochine falters. And as a fiery political struggle builds around her, Jessie begins to wonder what’s real in a friendship that she suspects may be nothing but a house of cards.

Motivated by love, driven by ambition, and seeking self-preservation at all costs, Jessie and Marcelle each toe the line between friend and foe, ethics and excess. Cast against the stylish backdrop of 1920s Paris and 1930s Indochine, in a time and place defined by contrasts and convictions.

A HUNDRED SUNS is the best readers can expect in historical fiction.

We have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us the latest historical novel you’re reading. We’ll announce a winner soon Good luck.

FYI: Due to current circumstances, expect delay in books reaching your home.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please


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26 thoughts on “A HUNDRED SUNS by Karin Tanabe – SPOTLIGHT & GIVEAWAY

  1. I’m currently reading The Plum Tree by Ellen Marie Wiseman. It’s the first I have read by her and it is excellent. WW2 historical fiction is my favorite go to.

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  2. I just read UNIVERSE OF TWO By Stephen P Kiernan. It is about one of the men who worked on the atomic bomb, Charles Fisk, although Kiernan used the name Charlie Fish. I read an ARC. The book won’t be out until May.


  3. The last historical novel I read was Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the birth of the FBI. The story of the Osage Indians and the investigation into the murders was very interesting.


  4. The most recent historical novel I remember reading was The Nightingale. I think I’ve read a few more since then, but that one really stuck with me.


  5. I’m finishing The Best Laid Plans and getting ready to start And They Called It Camelot. Thank you for the chance.


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