IN AN INSTANT by Suzanne Redfearn – Spotlight & Giveaway



A deeply moving story of carrying on even when it seems impossible.

In Suzanne Redfearn’s new novel, IN AN INSTANT (LakeUnionPublishing), life is over in an instant for sixteen-year-old Finn Miller when a devastating car accident tumbles her and ten others over the side of a mountain. Suspended between worlds, she watches helplessly as those she loves struggle to survive.

Impossible choices are made, decisions that leave the survivors tormented with grief and regret. Unable to let go, Finn keeps vigil as they struggle to reclaim their shattered lives. Jack, her father, who seeks vengeance against the one person he can blame other than himself; her best friend, Mo, who bravely searches for the truth as the story of their survival is rewritten; her sister Chloe, who knows Finn lingers and yearns to join her; and her mother, Ann, who saved them all but is haunted by her decisions. Finn needs to move on, but how can she with her family still in pieces?

I’ve enjoyed reading Suzanne’s compelling novels. She digs deep into characters personality traits, both positive and negative. IN AN INSTANT is smartly plotted creating a growing momentum to the last page.


Suzanne Redfearn is a summa cum laude graduate from California Polytechnic University and is an architect, in addition to an author. She is also an avid surfer, golfer, skier, and Angels fan. She lives with her husband and children in California.

She also happens to be a really smart and warm person. I got to spend some time with her at her restaurant in southern California.

Thanks to Suzanne we have a signed copy to giveaway. Just tell us if you have a story of survival. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

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31 thoughts on “IN AN INSTANT by Suzanne Redfearn – Spotlight & Giveaway

  1. I am totally a survivor! Many times over…but most recently an attack at gunpoint in 2013 which resulted in PTSD, health issues, etc. worked through it with therapy and Physical health improvement. I’m better than ever these days!

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  2. Surfing…in early marriage expecting 3rd child and finding out husband cheating…moving on and forgiving was hard but we stuck it out together and a grief over 40 yrs. Happy I did but it is still hard to forget.

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  3. Surviving the death of my husband has been the most challenging event of my life. It felt like I died too. Twelve years later I am still here and grateful that life goes on in surprising ways.

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  4. 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Treatment was taken and I was fortunate to recover. Life throws many hurdles. Now dealing with RA which is significant.

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  5. My closest experience was a serious car wreck in 2007. I was airlifted to Memphis Trauma Center. I prayed that I would live long enough to see my son before something happened to me. I ended up with back injuries, a cracked cheek bone, black eye and living with PTSD on a daily basis. Sometimes I have to fight the urge to not give up driving.

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  6. I suffered through an abusive marriage but got the courage to leave. Later I struggled with health issues. But the hardest and lasting struggle has been trying to help my youngest, in his 40’s, with mental health issues.

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  7. I survived a car accident in 2019 that totaled my car. The recovery was slow going and I sure am scared when I meet a car in the snow, but I’m still here.

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  8. This book sounds intriguing and like a must read. Thank you so much for sharing about it. Thank God I myself have never gone through anything that major. God Bless all who have.

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  9. I survived a divorce when very young with one child and another on the way. I had secretarial skills and eventually went back to work, earned an MBA and worked my way up from a computer programmer to a management position.

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  10. During hurricane Sandi we were without power 2 weeks. My job was closed for a week. We couldn’t find a generator, but we could cook because we had gas. But it was a struggle just to find coffee

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  11. I don’t really have a story of survival, other than making it out of an abusing marriage and finally getting a divorce.

    This book sounds incredible and is on my TBR list! Thank you!

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  12. I survived an abusive with alcoholic husband in a first marriage. It was awful, I couldn’t be a few minutes late getting home from work or anywhere. I had lost my sis and that opened my eyes to just pack up and leave it, that life is too short.

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  13. I am always grateful and thankful for all the blessing that is bestowed upon myself and my family.. My mother died of cancer when I was fifteen while my youngest brother was three; and lost my father five years later… My persistence and preseverence have got me through a lot of though times..


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