KEEP ME AFLOAT by Jennifer Gold – Spotlight & Giveaway



From the author of The Ingredients of Us comes a moving story about true love and heartbreak, mistakes and redemption, forgiveness and second chances.

In Jennifer Gold’s novel, KEEP ME AFLOAT (LakeUnionPublishing) five years ago, marine biologist Abby Fisher made a mistake that cost her everything. Rather than face the consequences, she fled home to start anew—and built the career she’d always dreamed of. But when her research program runs out of funding, she’s adrift once again and decides to return to the safe harbor of her family and friends.

Except nothing at home is how she remembered.

Her friendships are strained, her normally affectionate parents seem distant, and her once-great love story is now just a painful memory. What’s worse, she keeps running into the people she hurt years ago—and they aren’t ready to forgive her.

Abby is determined to atone for her mistakes, but she can’t seem to move beyond her guilt for a chance of future happiness. Can Abby learn to sail through the storm, or will she remain lost at sea?

Poignant and heartfelt, Keep Me Afloat asks the question: How can you expect forgiveness from others if you can’t even forgive yourself?


Jennifer Gold writes book club fiction about the relationships of real, flawed women — love, past mistakes, redemption, and all the stuff in between. Critics at Booklist have called her characters “multifaceted” and her storylines “compelling” and “bittersweet.” Jenni is a travel-obsessed romantic and ambivert.

When she’s not writing, you can find her sipping coffee, enjoying the outdoors, or curled up with a book. She loves nature documentaries and realistic hopefully-ever-afters. Jenni lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two cats.

Fans can learn more through Jenni’s newsletter, which features book-related sneak peeks, photos from her travels, and funny stories from her life as a horse caretaker. Jenni also loves connecting with fans on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks to Jennifer we have a signed copy to giveaway. Just tell us your experience with forgiveness… either giving it or receiving it. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

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36 thoughts on “KEEP ME AFLOAT by Jennifer Gold – Spotlight & Giveaway

  1. Forgiveness is a hard thing to do sometimes, but it is necessary. Not forgiving someone will hurt us in the end. I always look at it this way, If Jesus forgave us, who are we not to forgive! Your book sounds like a very good read, I love books that have to do with second chances. I love the cover, it is Beautiful.

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  2. I used to have a hard time forgiving. Then I learned it was not hurting the person but it was hurting me and anger takes up so much energy. I forgive all the time now and it makes me a much happier person. Thank you for the chance.

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  3. My parents forgave me for so many things I did to hurt them when I was a teenager; because of the lesson I learned from them, I am able to continue forgiving my daughter when she hurts me. Their unconditional love was a very good example for me.

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  4. I wish I was better about forgiveness. I tend to “take the hit” for a long time and then I’m pretty much done. I need to work on that.

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  5. I don’t embrace a traditional view of forgiveness. Some things are unforgivable! My strategy is focusing on my boundaries, mental health, healing, etc while “they” are insignificant to me. Of course there are the little things that happen on a day to day and it is different. Talking those through, respecting differences, feelings, etc and moving forward.

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  6. I have to admit I have a hard time with forgiveness. Not so much personally – and I don’t want to bring up a hot topic (politics) but when a highly religious person I know told me it doesn’t matter what horrible things someone says or does God will forgive them I – well let’s just say I don’t think that way.

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  7. I try to be thoughtful of others, so I can try to avoid the need to ask for forgiveness. If I have to apologize, I do it right away & leave the task to them. But the best apology is changed behavior. I forgive pretty easily. It’s hard for me to hold a grudge. Just not interested or have the energy to stay angry. Forgetting is harder, so depending on the hurt, I will just let it go completely or our relationship will never be the same.

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  8. I cannot forgive what I believe was deliberate unacceptable behavior to me. It was hurtful and I need an apology and until I receive that I will never forgive nor forget the wrong done to me.

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  9. I think forgiveness is needed to find peace within yourself. Otherwise that anger can consume you. Obviously it’s not always easy to forgive though.

    Thanks for the chance! Looking forward to reading this!

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  10. I made peace with my past and with my divorce and with my ex-husband, forgive me and forgive him even though he is not at my level of forgiveness

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  11. I try to be forgiving because when you can’t, you can’t move forward and have peace and because in order to be forgiven yourself you have to learn to forgive.

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  12. I know from personal experience that it’s hard, but you have it in your power to forgive and you need to try to do that. Doesn’t mean you have to forget; sometimes that’s not possible, but you can choose to forgive, for your own sake if nothing else. And remember that you are not the ultimate judge.


  13. Forgiveness allows you to move on. To hold a grudge or hate or anger takes effort and doesn’t allow healing. You end up punishing yourself when you hold on to negative emotions.


  14. I am struggling to forgive my husband’s sister. He and his sister owned a Mom and Pop auto parts store. The store wasn’t able to able to make it. She didn’t want to close it. We had put in $15,000 in just to keep the store going. She signed legal document that she would pay us back. The document also stated that she was responsible for all the debt. She ended selling the store and made $135,000. Last year she passed away. We found out that she had charged $10,000 on a company credit card that has my husband’s name on it. He is now being sued for it. I never did trust her. I know it is horrible for me to feel upset at someone who has passed away. I’m still trying to forgive her.


  15. I have been fortunate, and haven’t had any major events, and I let the small things blow over (eventually.)


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