The fairytale story of Princess Grace’s life is magical. Even if you’re not a fan of Grace, you have to be amazed at her life. Kerri Maher’s new novel, THE GIRL IN WHITE GLOVES(Berkley) takes us behind the gilded gates of Monaco.

A life in snapshots… 

Grace knows what people see. She’s the Cinderella story. An icon of glamor and elegance frozen in dazzling Technicolor. The picture of perfection. The girl in white gloves.

A woman in living color…

But behind the lens, beyond the panoramic views of glistening Mediterranean azure, she knows the truth. The sacrifices it takes for an unappreciated girl from Philadelphia to defy her family and become the reigning queen of the screen. The heartbreaking reasons she trades Hollywood for a crown. The loneliness of being a princess in a fairy tale kingdom that is all too real.

Hardest of all for her adoring fans and loyal subjects to comprehend, is the harsh reality that to be the most envied woman in the world does not mean she is the happiest. Starved for affection and purpose, facing a labyrinth of romantic and social expectations with more twists and turns than Monaco’s infamous winding roads, Grace must find her own way to fulfillment. But what she risks–her art, her family, her marriage—she may never get back.




I live outside of Boston, MA, with my daughter and labradoodle (whose adventures I sometimes post on Instagram, along with many other writing themed posts).

I am the author of THE KENNEDY DEBUTANTE and THE GIRL IN WHITE GLOVES, both of which you can see here. I am working on a novel called THE PARIS BOOKSELLER, about Sylvia Beach’s bookstore Shakespeare & Company, which was *the* Paris bookshop and meeting spot for the American Lost Generation. Beach was also the first to publish James Joyce’s ULYSSES, after it and been banned in New York in 1921 – it’s a great story!

I’m also the author of THIS IS NOT A WRITING MANUAL, under the name Kerri Majors – it’s an advice-y memoir for young people who might want to be writers, or live a creative life and it’s full of commiseration and practical tips.

What seems like another lifetime ago, I was a professor of writing, and the founder of the award-winning literary journal YARN. I also have an MFA from Columbia University.

Thanks to Goodreads and Berkley, we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us your thoughts about Princess Grace. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

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41 thoughts on “THE GIRL IN WHITE GLOVES by Kerri Maher – REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

  1. Oh Wow!! This is at the top of my TBR list. Kerri Maher is absolutely one of my top favorite authors and her book The Kennedy Debutante was incredible!

    I have long been a huge fan of the very elegant, classy Grace Kelly both when she was an actress and then her life as a Princess. This book sounds so intriguing and I’d be absolutely thrilled to win a copy. Thanks so much for the chance!

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  2. I always thought Princess Grace was a Beautiful lady and she was very sophisticated and very humble. I really liked her and I really admired her. This book sounds like a very good read. Thank you for the chance. The book cover is Beautiful.

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  3. I always admired her and use to pass by her family home in Philadelphia every day while driving my son to crew practice on the river!

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  4. Princess Grace was living the life every American girl dreamed of when growing up. Her name suited her, as she was so graceful and classy. The women today could use a few lessons from her.

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  5. In my day, Princess Grace was the standard for elegance and what every young girl aspired to be. I still remember in my early 20s “cocktail dresses and long gloves”.

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  6. I recently finished reading Meet Me in Monaco which I thoroughly enjoyed and I would love to follow with The Girl in White Gloves. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

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  7. Grace Kelly always appeared cool and elegant, and she was perfect for many of the movies she made. I suspect that underneath, her life wasn’t a fairy tale.

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  8. I think she was a very talented young actress. That she was the perfect person, with all her grace, to be a princess. But in all that glory we are reminded of the lives lost in gilded cages. Her story was an epitome of the princess fairytale & how living your life happily ever after is just an illusion for books.

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