THE OTHER GLORIA by L.A. Villafane – Spotlight & Giveaway



Fiction is mostly created and made up, but there’s part of the author in the story. In THE OTHER GLORIA, L.A. Villafane courageously draws from her own experience living with dissociative disorder to create a gripping psychological thriller.

The truth lies in what she can’t remember. There is another who harbors her unspeakable secrets. Meeting her is where the danger lies.
On a dark January night in 2019, Gloria finds herself behind the wheel of a car, beaten and covered in blood. She has no idea where she’s coming from, or where she might be headed. After pulling to the side of the road, she begins to fade out of consciousness.

The next thing she experiences is waking in bed next to a man who should be her beloved fiancé, Rick. However, she soon discovers it is her dangerous ex-husband, Charles, whom she thought she had escaped two years earlier, in 2017. She eventually finds that the year she was woken to is 2003, and she is living her life with this abusive man all over again.

Due to the abuse she endured, Gloria suffers from dissociative disorder, which has stolen the memories of her two young daughters growing up. There is another who holds these memories; the Other Gloria. She thinks maybe God has given her a do-over, and she might be able to do better, stay present, and recover the lost memories of their childhood. She knows, to do this, she must escape Charles once again.

Gloria’s plan for escaping this time around includes finding Rick, who doesn’t know she exists in 2003, but she soon comes to the realization that meeting Rick will not be enough. She knows she must do the one thing she never wanted to do – meet the Other Gloria and finally discover the unspeakable secrets she holds.

Be ready, once you start THE OTHER GLORIA to keep reading until the end.

Lori Villafane lives in Granbury, Texas, with her husband Larry, her standard poodle, Doodle, and a sassy tabby rescue named Diva. When She’s not writing, she enjoys helping Larry build and refurbish houses. She loves anything DIY, which includes writing. Although her debut novel, The Other Gloria, is a work of fiction, she has drawn from her own experience living with dissociative disorder to create Gloria.

Thanks to Suzy Approved Book Reviews we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us what you know about dissociative disorder. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

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41 thoughts on “THE OTHER GLORIA by L.A. Villafane – Spotlight & Giveaway

  1. I KNOW very little about this disorder aside from what I’ve seen in movie or read about in fiction books. Mental illness is a topic that is finally being discussed and brought to light. I look forward to reading this book and continuing to learn.

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  2. I have never heard of it but I did look it up and it sounds really scary! I would love to win and read this book! Thank you for the chance!

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  3. My Masters Degree is in Marriage, Family & Child Counseling. Bachelors in Psychology. So, I know quite a bit. Psychological themes are my favorite genre to read and review.

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  4. I first became aware of & learned about it from movies like The Three Faces of Eve which starred Joanne Woodward & was based on the book of the same name.

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  5. I’ve heard of it but don’t really know anything about it. I would however, like to read this book to find out more about it.


  6. I’d say it’s where your mind hides memories of traumatic events. I am very intrigued about how the brain works and love to learn new things about it. Definitely looking forward to reading and reviewing 😀


  7. I know from an interview on Oprah, when she had a guest, that had a book, something about when the rabbit screams, also, from watching Sally Field in Sybil, also Joanne Woodward in 3 Faces of Eve, and I also know they have now changed the diagnosis name to make it not be so stigmatized, and not so scary for people to hear from before when it was set in a box and labeled schizophrenia. It is more understood now, and not labeled crazy anymore , thank goodness! It is a mental illness, that has treatment options.


  8. Hi, your book sounds very intriguing and like a good page turner. I think dissociative disorder is when a person has more than 1 personality in order to hide unwanted memories. I just finished a book about something like this. Thanks for the chance. I would love to read this book.


  9. As a mental health nurse, I am familiar with the diagnosis, but it is controversial. I know it used to be called “multiple personality disorder” and most people did not believe it existed. I have worked with people who definitely dissociate, but I’ve never worked with someone who truly switches into a completely different personality.


  10. From what I understand, it is widely assumed that “multiple personalities” is main symptom of Dissociative Disorder. I have learned that there are actually three types of Dissociative Disorder and two of the three do not involve alternate personalities. I have always found psychology fascinating, and majored in it as an undergrad. However, I have learned more on my own over the years than I did in college. I would love to win and read this book!


  11. I most say I don’t know much about it. But I would like to know. I always trying to learn something new.


  12. I don’t know a lot about this disorder. I think it has something to do with being unable to connect with your feelings. Thank you for the chance.


  13. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have seen trauma related dissociative disorder often. It’s amazing how resilient people can be!


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