THE DREAM PEDDLER by Martine Fournier Watson – REVIEW & GIVEAWAY



Today we feature one of our favorite new Debutantes of 2020. For those of you who don’t know, every year there’s a new group of debut authors who have their first novels highlighted over the course of the year. Today we featured Martine Fournier Watson who has some magic to share with us in THE DREAM PEDDLER .


THE DREAM PEDDLER is a richly imagined debut novel about a traveling salesman and the small town he changes forever

If someone offered you a magic elixir that could conjure any dream you wanted . . . would you take it?

Traveling salesmen like Robert Owens have passed through Evie Dawson’s town before, but none of them offered anything like what he has to sell: dreams, made to order, with satisfaction guaranteed.

Soon after he arrives, the community is shocked by the disappearance of Evie’s young son. The townspeople, shaken by the Dawson family’s tragedy and captivated by Robert’s subversive magic, begin to experiment with his dreams. And Evie, devastated by grief, turns to Robert for a comfort only he can sell her. But the dream peddler’s wares awaken in his customers their most carefully buried desires, and despite all his good intentions, some of them will lead to disaster.

THE DREAM PEDDLER is an imaginative, moving novel of overcoming loss and reckoning with the longings we keep secret.



Martine Fournier Watson is originally from Montreal, Canada, where she earned her master’s degree in art history after a year in Chicago as a Fulbright scholar. She currently lives in Michigan with her husband and two children. The Dream Peddler is her first novel.

Thanks to Martine we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us your favorite debut novel that you’ve read this year. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

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36 thoughts on “THE DREAM PEDDLER by Martine Fournier Watson – REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

  1. The Woman in the Window, by A.J. Finn was great. Lot’s of twists and turns. I was surprised to learn that this was the author’s first book. Not only do I recommend, but I hope to read it again myself.


  2. The Secrets We Kept by Lara Prescott was fantastic! I’m currently almost finished with Where the Crawdads Sing, but it will most likely kick The Secrets We Kept out of first place!


  3. This book sound intriguing and like a very good read! I would love to read it. I loved reading the book “Forgiveness Road” it is a beautiful book.


  4. The Reluctant Fortuneteller by Keziah Frost. I believe it was 2017 or 2018 debut novel. It was really good.


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