THE LAGER QUEEN of MINNESOTA by J. Ryan Stradal – SPOTLIGHT & Giveaway



The LAGER QUEEN of MINNESOTA (Viking) is a novel of family, Midwestern values, hard work, fate and the secrets of making a world-class beer, from the bestselling author, J. Ryan Stradal.

Edith Magnusson’s rhubarb pies are famous in the Twin Cities–they were named the third-best in the state of Minnesota and St. Anthony-Waterside Nursing Home has quickly becomes the hottest dinner ticket in town. Still, she lays awake wondering how her life might have been different if her father hadn’t left their family farm to her sister Helen, a decision that split their family in two.

With the proceeds from the farm, her sister, Helen Blotz, built her husband Orval’s family soda business into the top selling brewery in Minnesota. She singlehandedly created the light beer revolution and made their corporate motto ubiquitous: “Drink lots, it’s Blotz.” But Helen dismisses IPAs as a fad, and the Blotz fortune begins its inevitable decline. Soon, though, she finds a potential savior that’s surprisingly close to home. . .

Diana Winter earns a shot at learning the beer business from the ground up just as the IPA revolution begins. The stakes couldn’t be higher: just as she’s launching her own brewpub, she’s due to deliver a baby girl. When the unthinkable happens, it’s up to Grandma Edith–and a delightfully surprising cadre of grandmother friends–to secure the next generation’s chances for a better future. Can Grandma Edith’s Rhubarb Pie In A Bottle Ale save Diana’s fledgling brewery, and change their hearts and fortunes forever?

The Lager Queen of Minnesota  serves up a cast of lovable, quintessentially Midwestern characters eager to make their mark in a world that’s often stacked against them. In this deeply affecting, humorous, emotional family saga, resolution can take generations, but when it finally comes, we’re surprised, moved, and delighted.

We know this is going to show up on television as a limited series. It’s a sure hit!


J. Ryan Stradal is a contributing editor at TASTE Magazine. His bestselling debut, Kitchens of the Great Midwest, won the 2016 American Booksellers Association Indie’s Choice Award for Adult Debut Book of the Year and also the 2016 Midwest Booksellers Choice Award for debut fiction.

Born and raised in Minnesota, he now lives in Los Angeles.

Thanks to Pamela Dorman/Viking we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us a short crazy story about your family. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.


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28 thoughts on “THE LAGER QUEEN of MINNESOTA by J. Ryan Stradal – SPOTLIGHT & Giveaway

  1. I remember one time shopping with my parents at KMart. My dad had been working in the yard and didn’t have time to change clothes. As we were walking in, my mom said to him, I don’t know you in the store because you look grubby. It so happened they ended up checking out side by side in 2 lanes. My mom needed some more money, turned to him and told him she needed some cash. He very calmly looked at her and said, “lady, I don’t know you. Why would I give you money?” He gave it to her of course but we laughed for years about how crazy that was.

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  2. My mother used to do daycare for single moms and two of the moms left their babies with my Mom and Dad to raise. They just didn’t come pick them up one day. Then when they were about 4 or 5 they came and picked them up and we never saw them again. I often wonder what happened to them. Jimmy and Christine. That was over 40 years ago no social services were involved.

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  3. One time my dad was coming in via train and I was picking him up at the depot. I sat on one side of the depot and he sat on the other. We waited for 2 hours! Finally I walked around the station and there he was!

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  4. Not sure there are that many crazy stories about my family. We’re pretty standard. My great-grandma was a character back in the day. She once took a dog on a bus and told the driver that the dog was blind and she was his eyes. He thought it was so funny that he let her bring the dog on.

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  5. One Christmas, I asked for a set of plates…to break. It had been a rough year. Christmas morning, my family went outside in our pajamas and broke plates in the driveways. It was wonderful!

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  6. My parents use to clear out aisles if a certain item would be on sale. It was always way too much and embarrassing growing up! Now, as an adult I do the same thing!!!

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  7. I found out I had a sister when I was 45 years old! My mom had given her up for adoption and never told me. My sister found me ten years ago! Now that’s crazy! But a good crazy because we were all so happy! Would love to win this! Thank you for the opportunity!

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  8. So many stories to tell. Mostly funny. We were taking pictures of my grandma at Christmas. We kept telling her to back up. She kept backing up until she lost her balance and fell into the Christmas tree! Grandma and tree toppled over! Laughed till we cried. Tree and grandma not hurt!

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  9. I was not told many stories about my family when I was growing up and now I wish that I knew what happened. An uncle who disappeared. His sons whom I never met. Grandfather who died at 38 and left a widow of 35 with 6 very young children to manage on her own. Of the six my father was the oldest who had to start work at 14 and then strived to succeed and became an entrepreneur but died young.

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  10. Probably a lot of crazy stories; we are from the Midwest, too. How about the time my sister was going to fix my wig (they were a big fad at the time) and combed it right off my head?


  11. My brother and I are height phobic watching us get on or off a steep escalator is a sight to behold.At least two attempts before we get the nerve to step on& we jump off like we are running for our lives.Add to he crazy we are adults who laugh hysterically the whole way down.Our spouses stay far far away😂😂


  12. When my oldest got his driver’s license he was desperate to drive to his high school. The only problem was he didn’t have his own car yet. He made a joke that he should drive our lawn tractor to school. His brothers dared him so of course he did (after removing the mower deck). We only lived a mile and a half from the school and I was blissfully unaware until I saw him pulling into our driveway after school and asked why he had the tractor out. He said he had parked in his assigned spot and no one questioned him. The other kids got quite a kick out of it.


  13. Not much to tell about my family we are.a bunch of well rounded peoo!e who enjoy the simple things in life


  14. I got a call at work one day, because my parents were hearing footsteps on the roof of the house. It was one of my goats! They had placed an old refrigerator outside and she jumped on a planting table and then the refrigerator, and onto the roof. It was much harder getting her down…


  15. My grandmother loved to go to yard/garage sales and would shop all weekend, then turn around and re-sell the items at her own garage sale the following weekend. Of course, the garage sale lover I am, I was always her partner in crime…until one day, I found my journal (I was probably in about 5th grade at the time) in her garage sale! I was MORTIFIED. LOL


  16. My mother and I had been slaving away on a jigsaw puzzle, and when we got to the end, the last piece was missing. We looked high and low, we even took the vacuum cleaner bag apart and couldn’t find it. My middle brother and his wife had stopped and he had taken that piece with him!


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