HARRY’S TREES by Jon Cohen & Giveaway



When you climb a tree, the first thing you do is to hold on tight…

In Jon Cohen’s novel, HARRY’S TREES, 34-year-old Harry Crane works as an analyst for the US Forest Service. When his wife dies suddenly, he is unable to cope. Leaving his job and his old life behind, Harry makes his way to the remote woods of northeastern Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains, determined to lose himself. But fate intervenes in the form of a fiercely determined young girl named Oriana. She and her mother, Amanda, are struggling to pick up the pieces from their own tragedy—Amanda stoically holding it together while Oriana roams the forest searching for answers. And in Oriana’s magical, willful mind, she believes that Harry is the key to righting her world.

Now it’s time for Harry to let go…

After taking up residence in the woods behind Amanda’s house, Harry reluctantly agrees to help Oriana in a ludicrous scheme to escape his tragic past. In so doing, the unlikeliest of elements—a wolf, a stash of gold coins, a fairy tale called The Grum’s Ledger and a wise old librarian named Olive—come together to create a golden adventure that will fulfill Oriana’s wildest dreams and open Harry’s heart to a whole new life.

Harry’s Trees is an uplifting story about the redeeming power of friendship and love and the magic to be found in life’s most surprising adventures.



A former critical care nurse, Jon Cohen is the author of the novels Harry’s Trees, The Man in the Window and Max Lakeman and the Beautiful Stranger. He is the recipient of a creative writing grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, and is the co-writer of the film “Minority Report,” directed by Steven Spielberg.

Thanks to MIRA we have one copy of HARRY’S TREES to giveaway. Just tell us your plans for this summer. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

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28 thoughts on “HARRY’S TREES by Jon Cohen & Giveaway

  1. I’m a stay at home Nana to 2 Beautiful grandbabies so my summer is spent with them and we have a 7 day cruise coming up in August!!!


  2. I plan on doing lots of fishing this summer and lots of family get togethers. This sounds like a good book!


  3. No big summer plans, just hanging out with my daughters when schedules allow, reading, gardening, and more day-trips to the mountains to escape the heat, like yesterday, when we spent the day in Estes Park.


  4. I have to read this book-my Uncle Larry had a cabin in the Endless Mountains!I’m going to Bethany Beach in August with my children and grandkids.


  5. An at home summer, but a fun one. Celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last week, and continuing that joy all summer. At the end of the summer my sister will come for a visit.


  6. I’m traveling back from visiting my son in California. I also plan to go camping with my husband this summer!


  7. I just finished my annual beach camping trip with 9 women. It is a true and best vacation time. I read two books during that time. Looking forward to a relaxing 4 day 4th of July weekend & Reading, followed by an annual bass fishing tournament with my spouse in September and more vacation during the holidays. Reading is involved in all of my plans!


  8. I just planned a Florida trip to spend time with my ailing 88 year old Mother. Although it will be hotter than Mercury there, it won’t be that much more different than the Charlotte, NC area! Have a nice summer, everyone!


  9. I’m helping my daughter, while she works I’m watching my granddaughter. But we’re planning on swimming, going to Museum and visiting friends.
    Hubby and I might take a trip to see the Grand Canyon.


  10. I am a little late reading this post but this book sounds great! This summmer I plan on having a relaxing time with my daughter. Reading books while she plays outside with occasional day trips to places. I looking forward to it very much!


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