THE CHILDFREE SOCIETY CLUB by Jaclyn Jaeger & Giveaway



New government figures reveal the US birth rate is at a 32-year low. “The majority finding is that fertility rates are reaching record lows,” according to the CDC. This fact is interesting and timely in light of a new novel by Jaclyn Jaeger title, THE CHILDFREE SOCIETY CLUB.

“There are two types of women who walk this earth: those who want children, and those who donโ€™t.” The Childfree Society Club

In Jaclyn Jaeger’s new novel, THE CHILDFREE SOCIETY CLUB Samantha, Sabrina, Ellie, Hannah and Maddie all have their own issues when it comes to bringing a child into the world. Samantha doesn’t want a child, but her family is hounding her. The same thing for Sabrina who comes from a traditional Indian home. Ellie is fine being married to an older man and enjoying her freedom but now he thinks he wants a child with her. Hannah wants nothing more than to be a mommy, but she’s infertile and since Maddie’s gay, she’s not sure how a baby will fit into her lifestyle.

The five come together to form The Childfree Society Club. At first it starts out as a fun way to make new friends, and drink some wine, but the stakes keep being raised throughout the novel. The title may suggest the book is only for women who don’t want children, but nothing could be further from the truth.

“I don’t think any decision that comes from your heart is the wrong decision.” The Childfree Society Club

Each woman is dealing with this in a very personal and emotional way. Jaeger uses the novel to show how society judges women on this issue, and how it truly is a very individual decision. It’s not to be taken lightly, or influenced by other’s feelings.

The book feels chick-lit at times, which is in no way a negative judgement. Jaeger is a talented writer and she handles this difficult subject with authority. I personally found myself relating a little bit to each character. Jaeger ‘s prose aren’t didactic, which is at the bottom of why the premise and execution of this novel is so compelling.

I hope THE CHILDFREE SOCIETY CLUB finds a huge audience, because it’s really a special gem.


Jaclyn Jaeger was born and raised in the North Shore of Massachusetts. She is a wife, proud step-mom to an amazing teen-aged daughter, an aunt to five awesome nieces and nephews, and a dog mom to a boxer named Brutus. With journalism degrees from St. Josephโ€™s College of Maine and Emerson College, she is a business journalist by day, but her real passion is and will always be with writing novels. She currently lives in New Hampshire.

twitter: @Jaclyn_Jaeger

Buy Book – Childfree Society Club

Thanks to Jaclyn, we have one copy to give away. Just tell us what you think about the title of this book. I was curious and I’m happy I read it. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

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32 thoughts on “THE CHILDFREE SOCIETY CLUB by Jaclyn Jaeger & Giveaway

  1. I think the title is appropriate because not all women have children whether it’s their choice or not. I’m one of them and the book interests me for that reason. I don’t think I’ve seen a book like this before or have read one.

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  2. I love the title. The cover is intriguing. I loved the review. Even though I’m past the age of childbirth, I would find this book interesting. I had a child with my first husband. I remarried and asked my husband if he wanted a child. He said no. He said we already have one. I have never regretted our decision.

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  3. The title intrigued me, as I do not have children by choice. I love children, yet have never wanted my own. I fell in love in my thirties with a childless, never-married man, and we are living happily ever after — without kids. Imagine the odds!

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  4. Every woman decides whether to have a child or not, and I commend them either way! It’s their choice, unless the woman is unable to have children, and adoption is an option for them! Please don’t degrade a women for their choice! This book sounds like a great read about this topic!

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