THE QUEEN of HEARTS by Kimmery Martin in paperback & Giveaway



One of Real Simple‘s “Best Books of 2018”
Named a Most Anticipated Book of 2018 by Southern Living, Elite Daily, and Writer’s Digest.

National bestseller, Kimmery Martin’s


A powerful debut novel, praised by The New York Times, Bustle, and Hypable, “that pulses with humor and empathy as it explores the heart’s capacity for forgiveness…”

Zadie Anson and Emma Colley have been best friends since their early twenties, when they first began navigating serious romantic relationships amid the intensity of medical school. Now they’re happily married wives and mothers with successful careers–Zadie as a pediatric cardiologist and Emma as a trauma surgeon. Their lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, are chaotic but fulfilling, until the return of a former colleague unearths a secret one of them has been harboring for years.

As chief resident, Nick Xenokostas was the center of Zadie’s life–both professionally and personally–throughout a tragic chain of events during her third year of medical school that she has long since put behind her. Nick’s unexpected reappearance at a time of new professional crisis shocks both women into a deeper look at the difficult choices they made at the beginning of their careers. As it becomes evident that Emma must have known more than she revealed about circumstances that nearly derailed both their lives, Zadie starts to question everything she thought she knew about her closest friend.

There are many aspects to this novel, which I loved. I learned so much about heart surgery – Kimmery is an Emergency Room surgeon! And I loved the friendship between Zadie and Emma, which will hook readers right from the start. It was one of the most compelling and multi-layered novels about women’s friendships, with all it’s love and yuckiness, that I’ve read in a while. I can only hope for a sequel with these characters – STAT!



Author of THE QUEEN OF HEARTS (2018, Penguin, medical/women’s fiction)
•ER doc, mother, book reviewer, travel writer, obsessive reader, Southerner• Instagram: @kimmerymartin

Thanks to Berkley Publishing, we have one copy of THE QUEEN of HEARTS to giveaway. Just tell us if you’ve ever been to the emergency room? What happened?

We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

32 thoughts on “THE QUEEN of HEARTS by Kimmery Martin in paperback & Giveaway

  1. I am a transplant recipient and a couple of years after my transplant I started feeling bad on a weekend. I also have restrictive lung disease and I use oxygen. I got to where I could not move. Went to ER and was life flighted to my transplant center hospital 3 hrs away. Ended up having pneumonia. Was in hospital for 2 months but recovered and finally sent home.

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  2. Last time I went was when I was 10 years old and had gotten attacked by a dog. Had to have 35 stitches to my arm and face. If the bite would’ve been down 1 inch further I would’ve died because it would cut off my windpipe. So thankful to be alive and thankful to drs and nurses for sure!! Thanks for the chance!

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  3. We used to make regular trips to the emergency room when my youngest brother was small and would have an asthma attack. Unfortunately the hospital was not in the best neighborhood so we would be sitting alongside gunshot and knifing victims.

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  4. A few years ago I fell & my face bounced off the pavement. I broke my nose needed stitches in my hand. Had 2 big shiners for several weeks!


  5. Went to the ER when I accidentally cut my leg while breaking down boxes. Received immediate attention due to excessive bleeding – fortunately, I missed the artery and did not require a transfusion.


  6. I have been to the emergency room. I fell in my living room and hit my head on the TV stand and split my head open. I don’t remember the ambulance ride or CT scan. First thing I remember is having my head stitched up.


  7. I’ve been to the ER a couple of times. Once I had an allergic reaction to bleach (sensitive skin!!) and a couple of years ago I tore my Achilles’ tendon.


  8. I’ve been to the emergency room a few times, the most memorable being the time when I broke and dislocated my ankle. My foot was pointing the wrong way and it was so bad that the nurse was grossed out.


  9. Growing up it was always my brother who had to go the the emergency room for various injuries he acquired while playing outside. He was always up to some mischief. It was so often that the emergency room staff greeted him by name when we arrived.


  10. I’ve been to the ER all too often. My husband worked on construction and has broken a few bones over the years as well as put a nail through his hand with an air nailer. There was construction going on at the hospital when he walked in (with nail still in hand) and he asked the crew if they were hiring and said “I bring my own nails”.


  11. I’ve been to the emergency room so many times with my hubby because he gets kidney stones. It’s not fun because he’s in so much pain!!


  12. Oh! Many, many, many times – when I had a tick the size of a quarter stuck to my belly, last month after my horrendous car crash, the time for pain in my leg that led to blood clots and pulmonary embolisms, the time I cracked my head open on cement, the time last year I tripped over a piece of concrete and busted my chin open where I needed 6 stitches. So yeah, you can say I’ve been to the emergency room.


  13. Yes, lits of times. The last be8ng for my grandson who had a serious concussion at age 2 from his large dog knocking him over. It was scary for sure.


  14. I have been several times. Once I was scared because I had chest pain and was admitted to the hospital so they could run tests. It turned out to be fine and I went home.


  15. I’ve got chronic migraines so I’ve been to the ER way too much! For awhile, the staff knew me by name. Thanks to Botox, I’ve been doing so much better!


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