** LADY BE GOOD by Amber Brock **


Author of A FINE IMITATION, Amber Brock is back with yet another delicious novel. LADY BE GOOD (Crown) is sexy, glamorous and captures all the excitement of 1950’s New York, Miami and Havana. Filled with unexpected plot twists, you’ll be surprised by every page.

Kitty Tessler is the head-strong, status-obsessed daughter of self-made millionaire, Nicolas Tessler. He owns hotels, casinos and nightclubs in the best cities. Kitty is Nicolas’  only child and lives in the penthouse of one of his fabulous Art Deco New York City hotels. Daddy is about fed up with Kitty kicking up her heels and running around town spending extraordinary amounts of money with BFF, Hen (Henrietta). He figures now that she’s in her early 20’s, it’s time to settle down with a nice boy – and he has just the guy picked out. He wants his second-in-command, Andre to settle her down. But Kitty has no plans to tie the knot unless it’s with one of New York City’s Upper Crust, who unfortunately, look down on the Tessler’s new money.

Some might find Kitty hard to like, but she was so over-the-top, I couldn’t help but love her. Reading LADY BE GOOD reminded me of an I LOVE LUCY episode. Kitty is constantly getting into playful no good escapades, and on to one scam or another. She and her quiet BFF, Hen are perfect partners in crime – until the trouble becomes too real.

This is the perfect fun read to team up with a frozen margarita while imaging this winter you’re on a Miami or Havana beach!


AMBER BROCK teaches British literature at an all-girls’ school in Atlanta. She holds an MA from the University of Georgia and lives in Smyrna with her husband, also an English teacher, and their three rescue dogs.




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