** LAUREN CLARK celebrates the holidays with us ** Giveaway **


Lauren Clark wants you to know her author name is LAUREN CLARK. After writing several novels under the name Laura McNeill, she has returned her old name and she’s sticking with it … LAUREN CLARK.

After writing THE CENTER of GRAVITY and SISTER DEAR, Lauren has a new novel out, THE WORLD BREAKS EVERYONE … guaranteed to scare the **** out of you!











Every day, I wake up certain of only three things:

I am responsible for my mother’s death.
My father has vanished.
Someone wants me dead.

I’m on the run. It’s me against the world.
I cannot let it break me.
When sixteen-year-old Olivia Jacobs and her celebrity chef father are brutally attacked after his French Quarter restaurant opening, the shell-shocked Olivia finds herself on the run on the streets of New Orleans.
Who wants her dead? And why?


The one thing you can always find in a Lauren Clark novel, along with wonderful prose,  is a strong female protagonist. Every one of Lauren’s novels has a woman, women readers can identify with and root on.

We asked her a few questions about the Holidays and here’s what she shared.

  1. What is your favorite Holiday?

Christmas is my favorite, followed by Halloween. Our neighborhood decorates like crazy, so it’s really festive and fun! You can’t help but get into the spirit.



2. What do you love about the Holidays?

I love buying gifts for my boys, loved ones, and friends. I think a lot about what exactly would be perfect for each person on my list. I pay close attention to what they all say during the year (when they think I’m not listening) and try and surprise and delight them with a gift they’ve actually mentioned and really want! So much fun!


3. What is your fondest Holiday memory?

I have so many, but I think my favorite is from a few years ago, when the boys and I arrived at the airport, ready to fly home from Alabama to New York on Christmas Day. My older son decided he was wearing shorts home – and who was I to argue? (Some things have to be learned by experiencing minus ten-degree weather with bare legs). My younger son was absolutely ready to get to his grandparents and build a snowman. The pilot was charming and entertaining. Everyone was happy. It was picturesque on final approach with all of the snow on the ground.


And we built snowmen within minutes of getting home to my parents’ house. It was fun and lovely – and a memory I always hold in my heart.

  1. What are your wishes for 2019?

First and foremost, my wish is for everyone—especially my loved ones and treasured readers—to have a happy and healthy 2019. I wish for more love, more tolerance, and for people to make more time for the important things in life. Finally, I wish for continued creativity in my writing life and (please, universe!) the ability to finish my dissertation by May.




Lauren’s writing awards include those from William Faulkner-Wisdom Writing Competition, Writer’s Digest, RWA, and the Eric Hoffer award. She currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama.

her website is: http://www.lauramcneill.com

Lauren is providing a signed copy of THE WORLD BREAKS EVERYONE for one lucky winner. Just tell us what you’re looking forward to this Holiday season. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

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42 thoughts on “** LAUREN CLARK celebrates the holidays with us ** Giveaway **

  1. Yes I’m ready to spend time with the kids. Our grandson is 16 months old so it is going to be really exciting to see him this year open presents.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looking forward to dinner with the family….everyone in the same place for a portion of the day! Would love to read this book! Sounds great!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Family is coming to my house to celebrate Christmas. I’m preparing several soup along with bread and antipasto. We’ll open Christmas crackers and wear our crowns, and light the plum pudding and watch the lovely blue flame. We might watch The Child’s Christmas in Wales.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m looking forward to having all my children in the same place at the same time. These days it only happens a couple times a year and I treasure it when it does.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing our grown boys. They live in different areas of the state so we are going to take time to visit each one. At thanksgiving we were all together .

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  6. I’m looking forward to hosting our first holiday in our home. It sucks having to clean and get everything organized and cooked but it’ll be so nice not having to drive for over an hour to get to someone else’s house


  7. I can’t believe Christmas is just about a day away!!! I am looking forward to enjoy a peaceful and relax Christmas with my cat who has had a not-so-good vet visit last week. It is uplifting to see that she is doing much better now. Thank you for the opportunity to know you and your intriguing books! Merry Christmas 🎄🎁❤!


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