** GIVEAWAY ** MARILYN SIMON ROTHSTEIN celebrates the Holidays with us ** GIVEAWAY **




Marilyn Simon Rothstein cracked readers up with her debut novel, LIFT AND SEPARATE and her recent novel, HUSBANDS and OTHER SHARP OBJECTS is providing laughs just as well.

HUSBANDS and OTHER SHARP OBJECTS (LakeUnionPublishing), is a heartwarming, hilarious novel for anyone who has ever had a family.

After a lifetime of marriage, Marcy Hammer is ready to get herself unhitched—just as everyone else in her life is looking for a commitment. Her new boyfriend, Jon, wants to get serious, and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Harvey, is desperate to get back together. When her headstrong daughter announces a secret engagement to Harvey’s attorney, Marcy finds herself planning her daughter’s wedding as she plans her own divorce.

Now with two huge events on the horizon, the indomitable Marcy soon realizes that there’s nothing like a wedding to bring out the worst in everybody. From petty skirmishes over an ever-growing guest list to awkward confrontations with her sticky-fingered new in-laws, pulling off the wedding is going to be a challenge; seeing her divorce through is going to be a trial. And trying to make everyone happy might prove to be impossible—because in the end, Marcy alone must make a choice between something old and something new.



Marilyn shared some Holiday cheer with us!

  1. What is your favorite Holiday?

My favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving because I love to eat the leftovers.


  1. What do you love about the Holidays?

The best thing is being with family … until we all annoy each other.

  1. What is your fondest Holiday memory?

My daughter Sharyn flew in from Los Angeles on a red eye to surprise me. Also, the year the turkey went on fire in the oven and the fire department came. Not to worry, we had many side dishes.


      5. What are your wishes for 2019?

I wish for peace in the world and that I should suddenly look … like I’m thirty.




Marilyn grew up in New York City, earned a degree in journalism from New York University, began her writing career at Seventeen magazine, married a man she met in an elevator, and owned an advertising agency for more than twenty-five years. Marilyn received an MA in liberal studies from Wesleyan University and an MA in Judaic studies from the University of Connecticut. She enjoys speaking at book festivals and community events.

Thanks to Marilyn we have kindle copies of LIFT AND SEPARATE and HUSBANDS and OTHER SHARP OBJECTS. Just tell us the funniest novel you’ve ever read. We’ll announce winners soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

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19 thoughts on “** GIVEAWAY ** MARILYN SIMON ROTHSTEIN celebrates the Holidays with us ** GIVEAWAY **

  1. I have found different books funny at different parts of my life. For instance, Superfudge was funny to me back in elementary school. These days, maybe Crazy Rich Asian series or Augusten Burroughs’s books.

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  2. My go to for Lol’s is anything by Jennifer Weiner but I found myself lol when reading The Book Club ….so funny! I also lol when reading Lift and Seperate and now I am dying to read Husbands and Other Sharp Objects💛💙🧡💚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I Only have 4 that I marked Hilarious on Goodreads out of over 400 of them
    They are my Favorite kind
    These made me Literally LOL 😆🤣😂 like “I couldn’t read them at Bedtime because I would wake up My Hubby Funny”

    Sperm Donor Wanted by S.L. Romines
    Confessions of a Domestic Failure by Bunmi Laditan
    Never The Bride by Charlotte Fallowfield
    The Virgin Romance Novelist #1 & #2 but #1 was Funnier by Meghan Quinn
    And 1 more that was gross and disgustingly Funny was
    Fire Down Below
    (Gynazule #1)
    by Debra Anastasia Even the Praise (above the summary, and More Praise below it) for the book on its Amazon Kindle page is Fun to Read 😀🤣😂

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  4. I actually can’t think of a funny book that I’ve read (except for children’s books when mine were little). I usually find myself reading historical fiction, mysteries and true crime.


  5. There’s a series by Toni McGee Causey, about a decade old, and all three books are hilarious. Bobbie Faye was the main character in all of them.



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