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Readers fell in love with Emily Cavanagh and her debut novel, THE BLOOM SISTERS (Lake UnionPublishing).

The story about sisters Cal, Violet and Suzy who gather for their father’s funeral on the Maine coast introduced us to a new writer with a human touch.

Now, in her new novel, THIS BRIGHT BEAUTY, we read about identical twin sisters, Franci and Lottie.

Franci and Lottie may be identical twins, but that’s where the similarities end. Franci has always been the stable one, while Lottie has bipolar disorder, constantly battling depression and mania. After years of taking care of her sister, Franci moves across the country to build a life for herself. Now, all the two share is distance.

But when Lottie gets in an accident, Franci reluctantly steps back into her familiar role as protector. She returns to find her sister’s life in complete disarray and makes a shocking discovery: Lottie has an infant daughter she never told Franci about. Although Franci swore she wouldn’t get sucked back in, she can’t leave the baby alone in Lottie’s care.

As Lottie further unravels, a secret is revealed that she has kept since childhood—one that has the power to reframe the sisters’ entire relationship, forcing Franci to ask herself if the secret was too much for Lottie to bear. Was the accident really an accident, and who has been protecting whom all these years?


Emily shared some Holiday cheer with us.


1. What is your favorite Holiday?

When I was younger, my favorite holiday was Christmas, but these days I find my favorite is Thanksgiving. I love the welcoming of fall and the chance to gather with my family over food. Unlike Christmas, which can be tinged with sadness or guilt or expectation, Thanksgiving is about gratitude and coming together.

2. What do you love about the Holidays?

I love watching my daughters’ excitement. There is something magical about the holidays when sharing them with young children, and despite the inevitable stress that comes with being an adult during this time, watching my children’s joy makes it all worth it.

3. What is your favorite Holiday memory?

My fondest holiday memory is of Christmas morning when I was a child. My brother and I would always wake up early on this day, but had strict instructions of what time we were allowed to wake our parents. Before they were awake, my brother and I would sneak downstairs to catch a glimpse of the tree stacked with presents and the overflowing stockings hanging by the fireplace. There was something enchanted about that hushed early hour, the excitement and expectation of the day still before us.


4. What are your wishes for 2019?

My daughters are five and nine, and they’re both at such wonderful ages that I sometimes wish I could hit pause right here. Family life can be busy and exhausting, and too often I rush through it all in an effort to get everything “done.” My wish for 2019 is to slow down and appreciate them at this stage, to focus less on an endless to-do list and more on enjoying our time together.



Emily Cavanagh is a writer, teacher, and mother. Her work has been published in Grain Magazine, Transfer, The Vineyard Gazette, and Martha’s Vineyard Arts and Ideas among other online and print publications. Emily lives on the island of Martha’s Vineyard with her husband and their two daughters.

She loves to hear from readers:

Email: emilycavanaghauthor@gmail.com
Facebook: @emilymcavanagh77
Twitter: @emilymcavanagh
Instagram: @emilycavanaghauthor
Agency: www.stringerlit.com


Emily has provided us with a signed copy of THIS BRIGHT BEAUTY to give away. Just tell us something about your relationship with your sibling/s, or a memory of growing up as an only child. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.


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27 thoughts on “** GIVEAWAY ** EMILY CAVANAGH celebrates the Holidays with us ** GIVEAWAY **

  1. My younger brother and I have always been close since a young age. We always do 2 or 3 vacations a year together with our families and he actually works for my hubby. Me and my older brother haven’t always been close but our families have grown closer this past year and it’s has been a Blessing!!

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  2. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. The only sibling I’m close to and have always been close to is my oldest sister. She is the oldest sibling and I’m the youngest. 15 years between us. The other 2 I’ve never been close to.

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  3. My younger brother and I are close. When we were growing up I went back and forth between being his protector and his tormenter. Once we were past our teens that all went away and we became close. Lucky for him LOL. I always wished I had a sister but since I don’t I really enjoy reading books about them.

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  4. I am the oldest of 4 girls. I was 16 when my youngest sister was born. I was like a second mother to her! She was my real baby doll!

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  5. I am the youngest of six. Our family was always close,my mother’s influence, but most of us don’t see enough of each now that she is gone! My sister and I see or talk to each other every day.

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  6. Whether we have already talked or not, my sister and I always connect in some way on Friday morning, just checking in and saying love you.

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  7. I have a sister and two brothers who live in Australia. We stay in touch with emails and phone calls. My sister was here to visit earlier this year. My older sister passed away a few years ago.

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  8. I have a sister and brother. My brother has nothing to do with me but is very close to my sister. My sister is the youngest and we are not close at all.

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  9. I am lucky to have my two brothers. We were born three years in a row. My Mom had all three of us in diapers at one time. My brothers and I are very close. It’s always been a priority for us. They were my best friends growing up and I was a tomboy. Now that our parents are not with us anymore, we still spend time together whenever possible. We still tease and make fun of each other but we know we have an unbreakable bond.

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  10. I have great memories with my two brothers: we used to live in a big house and run in our garage, playing with bugs and roller skating! It was a sweet childhood.

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  11. I’m one of 6 kids. I loved our Christmases. We didnt have alot of money, but we had fun times making up games and just being together. My favorite stocking stuffer was Halo oranges. My parents gave us fruit to save money and I loved it

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  12. I am the older sister to my 2 brothers. I am 8 years older. My brothers and I weren’t very close until I had my daughter (she has down syndrome) the were her biggest fans and my biggest supporters. We have been close ever since. Thank you for the chance.

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  13. My Sister and I are sort of Irish Twins a pair of siblings born less than 12 months apart, especially if born within the same calendar year or school year or born one year apart.
    My Sister was Born on Sept 27th
    The Next year I was born on Sept 26th


  14. I’m not sure if the window for submitting our entries has passed (I have a feeling that it has), but I just can’t get this book out of my mind. And so, here I am– nearing the end of a typical night’s less-of-sleep, returning to something left unfinished (“later,” always “later”), and a bit random.

    Whsshoooohhssshhhh. (*exhale*)

    My relationship with my sibling/s.

    …I have a sister, younger.

    For the past… rolling downhill over the past decade or so, if I had to pin a time frame on it– that’s come to really sum up all there is to say, nutshell-wise, about our relationship/”relationship.”
    That “I have a sister.”

    So it goes……..


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