FAMILY TRUST by Kathy Wang & Giveaway



FAMILY TRUST (WilliamMorrow) by Kathy Wang is about a Chinese-American family based in Silicon Valley who are dealing with the passing of their patriarch, Stanley Huang.

As news of Stanley’s diagnosis spreads throughout his family, so do questions about who is going to inherit what. No one knows exactly how much Stanley is worth, but each is figuring on a big payday. Son Fred, a Harvard Business School graduate, who hasn’t lived up to his potential is hoping he’ll get enough to buy, not rent a house in a wealthy Silicon neighborhood. He works at a finance company where he can’t even fly business class. Sister, Kate is a middle manager at a prestigious high-tech company and the main bread-winner of the family. She’s also the mother of two children and waiting on her entrepreneur husband’s start-up to take-off. While she juggles all the balls in the family, she really wonders what exactly her husband is doing up there in the attic.

Stanley’s second wife, Mary Zhu, twenty-eight years his junior does what every wife should do for a frailing husband, foot rubs, massages, all while wondering just how long is this going to continue before he’s gone, already. Linda Liang, Stanley’s first wife stays far enough away, buy close enough to make sure her kids get their fair share. She doesn’t put it passed number two trying to screw his kids out of their inheritance.

It’s always challenging to go against the grain when a novel has been so buzzed about and called a must read for 2018. FAMILY TRUST is a clever, complex look at a family behaving badly, while trying to keep face. The characters are all flushed out well and very distinct, but I found Kathy Wang went off on tangets – pages and pages, before returning to her original point. At nearly four-hundred pages some of the “wittiness” could have been wittled down to make FAMILY TRUST a smarter, funnier novel.

But then again, I always write with this caveat … It might be your best read of 2018, so enjoy!



Kathy Wang grew up in Northern California and is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Harvard Business School.
Family Trust is her first novel.
Thanks to BookExpo and William Morrow, we’re able to giveaway one book. Just tell us what you’re family is like. We’ll choose a winner soon. Good luck.
GIVEAWAY: USA only please
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15 thoughts on “FAMILY TRUST by Kathy Wang & Giveaway

  1. My family is very close. My parents live two miles down the road from me. I have two sisters. I have 5 nieces and nephews. My husband and I have been married for 18 years. My son is 29 and lives in San Jose, CA. Even though I don’t see him as much as I would like we are very close.

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  2. My family is getting smaller and we are all spread out, so we don’t get to see each other often. My husband and I are moving very soon to be near our son and his girlfriend; I am looking forward to seeing them on a regular basis. Until then we spend every holiday together.


  3. I live in NJ. My parents and sister and all my cousins live in FL. I hardly see anyone. I live in NJ with my two grown kids. Everyone used to live near me, but one by one moved to the sunny state. I don’t know if I will ever move. I have a lot of friends and a job I love here.


  4. Our family is small, but we are mighty! I am very close to my parents, my younger sister and my nephews. Family dynamics are always interesting! Thanks for this chance to read this book….this one sounds like a MUST read!


  5. Too many people under one roof. My mother, my brother with his wife and 3 children and myself, my husband and my two sons (big house) lots of dominant personalities…just too much.


  6. My family is closer and much smaller now since my mother passed away. It is now only my 2 brothers and myself. We are all spread out NY, CA and MN. Unfortunately we don’t see each other much but talk and text regularly. Thank you for the chance.


  7. My family as far as my husband and kids is perfect!! I have amazing kids who are smart and well behaved compared to other kids.

    The rest of my family is awful. My dad murdered my sister five years ago so that really tore the family apart. My mom, my sister, her daughter and I all had a hard time handling our grief. Fences are being mended but I don’t think I will ever speak to my father again.


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