SEVEN DAYS of US by Francesca Hornak & Giveaway



Heading home for the Holidays? You might want to think twice.

In Francesca Hornak’s absolutely hilarious novel, SEVEN DAYS OF US (Berkley), only the most extraordinary circumstances can reunite the Birch Family for the Holidays. And for readers looking for a great Holidays novel, SEVEN DAYS OF US has been released in paperback.

It’s Christmas, and the Birch family has gathered for the first time in years. Emma is thrilled to have the family under one roof – even if the circumstances are a bit odd. Olivia is a doctor and she has returned from treating an epidemic in Africa. This will put her and the entire Birch family under quarantine for a week … perfect for holiday celebrating, huh? No!

For the next seven days, no one can leave the house, and no one can enter. It doesn’t sound too hard. But a week with your nearest and dearest can feel like forever especially when everyone has a secret. And a couple of uninvited are are about to come knocking on the front door.

Alternating between each family member’s point of view, SEVEN DAYS OF US is both a clever look at difficult family holidays, and a character-driven portrayal of the real failures and love that define family.

I absolutely fell in love with the Birch family, all their loving virtues, as well as their nasty flaws. I found SEVEN DAYS OF US captured the human condition. I could completely relate in many ways, because everyone’s stress level is raised as we near the Holidays. I must add, I was completely taken back by the “surprise” at the end of the book. I look forward to reading what Francesca Hornak writes next.



Francesca Hornak is a journalist and writer, whose work has appeared in newspapers and magazines including The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Red. She is the author of two nonfiction books, History of the World in 100 Modern Objects: Middle Class Stuff (and Nonsense) and Worry with Mother: 101 Neuroses for the Modern Mama.

Thanks to Berkley Publishing we’re able to offer a giveaway. Just tell us how your family spends the Holidays together, or apart. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

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28 thoughts on “SEVEN DAYS of US by Francesca Hornak & Giveaway

  1. i spend Christmas eve with my 3 sons & daughter. we meet at her house, have dinner, open our gifts, drive to look at lights & decorations, come back for dessert & Christmas movies! (they spend Christmas Day with their father.)

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  2. Very thankful for a family that gets to spend the holidays together. We do have to plan things on different days because of peoples work schedule but’s we always have plenty of food, laughs and play all kinds of games!!

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  3. I usually go visit my mom on Christmas eve but I always keep Christmas day for just my husband and daughter. I like to try to make it relaxing peaceful day together since regular everyday life can be so hetic.

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  4. No gatherings here anymore, just two of us….everyone else celebrates with their own families, etc.
    Thanks for the giveaway 🍀✅👍😀

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  5. We gather at my parents house for the holidays. My two sisters and I make the side dishes. My mother makes the best chicken and dressing. I’m thankful that my son will be in for Thanksgiving.

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  6. I cook a huge dinner for my grown kids and any friends they bring. After dinner we go to our best friends house to drink wine and have desert. After come home and watch xmas movies

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  7. I’ve had this on my TBR for awhile!! Sounds fantastic!!
    My family all get together on Christmas Eve along with some friends…..always a great time!!!

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  8. We celebrate Christmas day with our daughter and grandsons. Enough presents to be considered obscene by some. Then we all travel down to my brother’s family at New Years and you guessed it. More presents.

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  9. Last year we had 4 little great-grandkids here, noisy, wild, messy – but I must say easier in many ways than when we’ve had a variety of adults stay!

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  10. I haven’t spent the holidays with my family since my mother died. The first year, I was pregnant and she had just died, so I didn’t travel, and after that, I had kids of my own. My husband used to work on the holidays, too, so they’ve really lost their magic for me, though I hope it isn’t obvious to my children.

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  11. I currently live in Texas and my family is all in New Jersey and Vermont. We all come together in Jersey for the holidays and it’s the highlight of my year. We also celebrate my oldest son’s birthday, which is Christmas Day (best gift I ever received).


  12. We try to get with my husband’s family if it all works out with everyone’s schedules but mostly we spend the holidays with a family that kind of adopted us lol


  13. When my father passed away, we sat Shiva (period of mourning) for 7 days in my home. It was not easy being together with grown siblings after so many years. Seems we digress to our childhood years.


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