UNSHELTERED by Barbara Kingsolver & Giveaway



The legendary Barbara Kingsolver (author of The Poisonwood Bible, among others) is back with another compelling read, UNSHELTERED (Harper).

As Willa Knox’s life falls apart around her, she — in an act of desperation — begins to research the history of her home. That’s when she discovers a kindred spirit from the 1880s: Thatcher Greenwoon, a scientist living in a Utopian community, who found himself under siege for speaking about Charles Darwin’s exciting new theories.

Alternating between two centuries, Kingsolver’s latest book is perfect for these politically turmoil times. She once again doesn’t hold back, writing from her point of view confronting politics and science. At nearly five-hundred pages, UNSHELTERED gives you a lot to think about. Unfortunately, I felt myself drifting off at times. Kingsolver has written over fourteen books and although I haven’t read all of them, this was my least favorite. Perhaps you will have a different experience.



Barbara Kingsolver was born in 1955, and grew up in rural Kentucky. She earned degrees in biology from DePaul University and the University of Arizona, and has worked as a freelance writer and author since 1985. At various times in her adult life she has lived in England, France, and the Canary Islands, and has worked in Europe, Africa, Asia, Mexico, and South America. She spent two decades in Tucson, Arizona, before moving to southwestern Virginia where she currently resides.

Her books, in order of publication, are: The Bean Trees (1988), Homeland (1989), Holding the Line: Women in the Great Arizona Mine Strike (1989), Animal Dreams (1990), Another America (1992), Pigs in Heaven (1993), High Tide in Tucson (1995), The Poisonwood Bible(1998), Prodigal Summer (2000), Small Wonder (2002), Last Stand: America’s Virgin Lands, with photographer Annie Griffiths Belt (2002), Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life (2007), The Lacuna (2009), Flight Behavior: A Novel (2012), and Unsheltered (2018). She served as editor for Best American Short Stories 2001. Her books have been translated into more than two dozen languages, and have been adopted into the core literature curriculum in high schools and colleges throughout the nation. She has contributed to more than fifty literary anthologies, and her reviews and articles have appeared in most major U.S. newspapers and magazines. Click here to view complete bibliography.


We’re lucky to have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us which of Barbara’s numerous books is your favorite. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

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22 thoughts on “UNSHELTERED by Barbara Kingsolver & Giveaway

  1. I don’t believe I’ve ever read any of Barbara’s book but after reading about her here I think I need to explore her books a little further.

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  2. My favorite book off ALL time is Prodigal Summer. I’ve read it at least six times and gifted numerous times to female friends. I adore Ms. Kingsolver’s messages and style of writing.

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  3. Thanks for this great giveaway for your readers — I have been looking forward to this book’s release all year. But, it’s not coming cheap now or anytime soon, so budget-conscious book lover that I am I wouldn’t be able to contemplate reading it soon if not for generous giveaways by fellow booklovers.

    As for the titles that have nurtured my present passion for this author, I would have to point to the first book of hers I read — Prodigal Summer>/i> as a major influence, but like so many of her fans, my favorite work has got to be The Poisonwood Bible.

    Best wishes, Kara S

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