THE WAITER by Matias Faldbakken & Giveaway



Welcome to The Hills, Oslo’s most esteemed restaurant, an institution stewed in tradition and clinging to the faded grandeur of old Europe.

In Matias Faldbakken’s novel, THE WAITER (ScoutPress), a neurotic waiter tends to the desires of his regular – and irregular – clientele. Aristocrats and artistes, wealthy widows and roguish entrepreneurs, he observes all their dramas with a wit as sharp as a filleting knife.

At table ten sits the impeccable Mr Graham, the most demanding of them all, impatiently awaiting a special guest. When at last she arrives – young, beautiful, mysterious – she proves a challenging new flavor, throwing into disarray our waiter’s nerves, and the delicately balanced ingredients of the room.

THE WAITER is a delicious read for anyone who enjoys dining in restaurants, eating and appreciates good food and wine. It’s treat for patrons and employees. I’d couple this with two fingers of smooth bourbon.



Matias made his literary debut in 2001 with The Cocka Hola Company, the first part of his Scandinavian Misanthropy TrilogyMacht und Rebel was released two years later, following most recently by Unfun, in Spring 2008, which completed his trilogy. All three novels are published under the pseudonym Abo Rasul.

In 2006, Faldbakken released Kaldt produkt (“Cold Product”) under his own name. It is a contemporary update of A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen. Faldbakken commented to Dagbladet when it was released: “I am a spokesperson for totally anarchistic mayhem on a bed of traditional family values”.[1] It was performed at Staatstheater Stuttgart in 2008.

He has also released a collection of short stories called Snort Stories.

Matias is also an internationally known artist represented by the Paula Cooper Gallery.

Thanks to Scout Press we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us an experience you’ve had in a restaurant – good or bad.

We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

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18 thoughts on “THE WAITER by Matias Faldbakken & Giveaway

  1. I’ve had mostly decent experiences. However, as much as I love kids it disturbs me when I’m seated next to a family that has a toddler that screams and cries throughout the meal. Ruins my dining experience!

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  2. My dining experiences are few but a lunch out was ruined by a waiter’s snarky and rude attitude about the food. It was undercooked and cold. What could he say about that which was evident?

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  3. we had the best time @Chris Ruth Steakhouse in Louisville, KY. the service was great & the food was delicious. the manager comes by your table personally. you are taken care of from the moment you exit the elevator.

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  4. This book sounds great! Can’t think of any dining experiences that stand out or that were horrible. Thankfully most of them have been good experiences.

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  5. Love the cover! We don’t eat out often, but the times we have have been good. One really good experience was a fixed priced meal event where the chef had a humanely-raised pig butchered for this night’s event and prepared 5 dishes per person from this pig. It was delicious.

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  6. The best dining experience was in San Francisco with my son. We rode the Cal Train to the city. I had the best clam chowder. It was also the best since I was visiting my son who lives far from home.

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  7. Fortunately I don’t remember bad experiences from restaurants. I do remember that I love fondue restaurants (all you can eat) and I used to eat more than I can bear lol. Thanks for the chance!

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  8. A group of friends got together at an Italian restaurant and we hadn’t seen each other in quite a while and we were taking our time and talking. We had the best waiter, he didn’t rush us and would stop by with a funny comment every now and then.

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  9. The restaurant that we celebrated my nephew’s engagement printed out special menus with pins attached which included the engaged couple’s names . We were also given a glass of champagne to toast the couple.

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  10. Our restaurant experiences are mostly local and good ones. The only thing that bothers me are unruly children where parents don’t take control. My generation, and hopefully some current ones, would never have been loud or run around in a restaurant of any kind.

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  11. We visit Santa Barbra each summer familyvacation.Each year we look foward to eating in Toma one of Santa Barbra’s finest restaurants friendly staff lovely restaurant & the food 😍still dreaming of our meal& looking foward to our next visit,

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  12. I was in an Olive Garden some years ago with my young granddaughter. It was past her nap time and she was cranky and started to cry. A waiter from another area of the restaurant came over and sang a song to her! His voice was awesome and he brightened the day for everyone near us!


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