Whether you’re a reader or a writer, books have a special place in our hearts. For some of us, they’re like our little children. We collect them, place them in special locations in our home, carry them around in bags designed just for them, the list goes on.

Book lovers love to share books and the stories within the pages. That’s a major reason why we read. One has an instant bond with another book lover.

But what about lending and/or borrowing books? Well that’s when the leather meets the road for a lot of us. For example, I rarely lend a book. But if I do, I keep the jacket cover and write a post-it with the name of the borrower. Yes, that’s a bit obnoxious, but I’m coming clean here. What’s your idiosyncrasy?

So here are, with some help from , some tips on borrowing books. They may save your friendship.

  1. Return book in a timely manner.
  2. Ask the lender when they need the book back.
  3. If you’re taking a long time to read the book, check in with the lender.
  4. Don’t eat while reading the book … that means m&ms, too!
  5. Don’t fold over the pages. duh!
  6. Don’t write, underline or highlight anything. Buy you’re own book if you’re inclined.
  7. Don’t put the book face down and crack the binding.
  8. Don’t read it while bathing or at the pool.
  9. Wipe down the surface, before you put the book down.
  10. Ask permission before passing it on to someone else.
  11. Don’t lose the book jacket. (I’d recommend not lending the book jacket.)
  12. Don’t borrow until ready to read.
  13. Tell your friend how much you’re enjoying their book.
  14. When in doubt, treat it like a library book.
  15. If something does happen, offer to but another one.

These suggestions may seem obvious, but sometimes it’s good to revisit the obvious, so you don’t end up in trouble.

So, how are you about lending or borrowing books? Tell us. We’ll be giving away a package of books to the winner.  


Good luck!

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

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  1. I hate borrowing anyone’s books because I like to return timely. But I inevitably get sidetracked by life, or other interesting books and don’t finish as quickly as I’d like…which stresses me out!

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  2. I think I do well with borrowing books. I try to take care of the book always. But lending I get a little nervous unless it my mom. I had a few friends who never returned a book. I understand it happens to us all.

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  3. I have had a few bad experiences lending out books. I never got them back 😦 So now I very rarely lend to anyone. Occasionally I do let a close family member borrow though.


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