mother's day

We have a special giveaway for you this upcoming Mother’s Day. We have carefully curated note-cards with beautiful floral images on the front by photographer, Wendi Blair. We’re giving away two gift packets to one lucky winner.

The inside of the cards are blank, so you can write your very own special message. Wendi’s photographs are not digitally altered. They will fit into a 4×6 frame after you finish writing or reading the message.


Wendi’s beautiful cards are available on-line at her website:


To win one of our two gift packets, just tell us what Mother’s Day means to you.

We’ll announce a winner Sunday, Mother’s Day. Good luck.



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  1. My granddaughter told me I was going to be a grandmother by phoning me and saying, “Happy Grandmother’s Day” instead of “Happy Mother’s Day.” This year my niece will celebrate her first Mother’s Day and both my sister and my cousin will celebrate their first Grandmother’s Day.

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  2. These note cards are beautiful. Mother’s Day is when I show my mother how much I appreciate all that she has done for me and my sisters. I am so thankful for my mother.

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  3. Mother’s Day is meaningful and is a day to show love, kindness and appreciation of all that mothers do and grandmothers whose love is shown towards their children and grandchildren all year. Mother’s Day should be everyday since mothers are irreplaceable.

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  4. Mother’s Day is to celebrate all the mothers who nurture us. Whether it’s your birth mother or someone else who has mothered you when you needed it….it’s to let that person know you appreciate them. And these are beautiful note cards!

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  5. Mother’s Day is a chance to show all of the incredible women who make our lives better with all that they do just how much we love and appreciate them. Being a mother myself has helped me to appreciate all my mother did for me so much more. There’s nothing I love more than being a Mom!

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  6. Mothers Day to me is a special day when i get to spend time with all 4 of my kids. Since my Mom passed, it is bittersweet, but i love remembering her along with them.

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  7. Mother’s Day has always meant so much to me. This year will be very different. My 91 year old Mama passed away last June. I miss her so much and can’t imagine not being able to call and talk to her on Mother’s Day. My daughter cared for my parents so she still lives 7 hours away. These note cards are beautiful and I would love to win.

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  8. Mother’s Day has always been a day celebrated in my family. As a child, we would go to my grandma’s have a big family meal, and in addition to celebrating Mother’s Day, we would celebrate all of the May birthdays in the family.


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  9. Mother’s Day will always be the day I remember my MoMA… My mom passed away on October 3, 2003.. And I can tell you that since she left my heart has a huge hole in it… But on mother’s day I remember what a special and blessing my Mom was…. I am now a mother of 4 boys and I want my boys to know that mother’s day is not about gifts it’s about celebrateing the ones we love and thanking God for blessing us with so many special memories we can make

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  10. Mothers Day now is so diff since my grandma passed away she was the last of my living family i do have 2 adult kids both have their own children my hubby has a mom who is still living and I am always saying call your mom as I know how it is to not have a mom living in a foster home. I do send the cards to friends who are close and that are moms or friends that have lost their child as i want them to be included. For me my kids live in Ca so a phone call is wonderful from them and that is all I ask to receive .

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  11. These are gorgeous! I have two sons that can’t be bothered to remember mother’s day so it would be so cool to win these as a great for myself! Regardless, Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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  12. Mother’s Day to me is a day to celebrate how much your mother or other influential woman have loved and shaped you. Thank you for the chance.

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