THE RUNAWAYS by Sonya Terjanian & GIVEAWAY


Have you ever seen FARGO? Do you remember those freezing cold remote locations? Places you couldn’t imagine people living in. I do. I also lived in Minnesota and remember having my car stocked with a survival kit, in case I broke down in the middle of winter. All through Sonya Terjanian’s new novel, THE RUNAWAYS I was gripped by the remote and cold wilderness. The landscape is a character of its own, in addition to the people.

Ivy runs away from a life of boredom and poverty in New Hope, NY with dreams of becoming a smoke jumper in Montana. She meets Mary Ellen a middle aged mother who has escaped domesticity to discover her artistic side.

They find themselves getting along well enough in a trapped house in the Poconos, but that doesn’t last for too long. Written in alternating voices, THE RUNAWAYS is very dramatic for a chilling-psycho-thriller. In no other place than a novel, would these two women be brought together, but that’s what I loved about this novel. I was in the mood to read something that didn’t actually end all nicely packaged. The characters stories weren’t fully resolved, but that created some hope for me.



Sonya Terjanian lives and writes in New York’s lower Hudson Valley. Her first novel, The Objects of Her Affection, was selected as a Top Ten Crime Fiction Debut by Booklist. Her second novel, The Runaways, was described by Publishers Weekly as an “entertaining and atmospheric exploration of class, choice…and hope.”

Thanks to Sourcebooks, we have one copy of THE RUNAWAYS to giveaway.

We’ll choose a winner soon. Good luck!


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