THE TRAIL TO TINCUP: Love Stories at Life’s End by Joyce Lynette Hocker & GIVEAWAY


Bestselling author of THE FLOOD GIRLS, Richard Fifield calls author, Joyce Lynnette Hocker, and her memoir, THE TRAIL TO TINCUP: Love Stories at Life’s End (SheWrites) “a brave writer (sic) Achingly honest, utterly compelling and very, very necessary.”

Psychologist, Joyce Lynnette Hocker,  reckons with the loss of four family members within a span of two years. She works backward into the lives of these people and forward into the values, perspective, and qualities they bestowed before and after leaving. Following the trail to their common gravesite in Tincup, Colorado, she remembers and recounts decisive stories and delves into artifacts, journals, and her own dreams.

“We live in the realm of the mythic twin sisters of remembering and forgetting.”

In the process the grip of grief begins to lessen, death braids its way into life, and life informs the losses with abiding connections. Gradually, she begins to find herself capable of imagining life without her sister and best friend. Toward the end of the book Hocker’s own near-death experience illuminates how familiarity with her individual mortality helps her live with joy, confidence, and openness.

Readers experience the grief in her novel, while ultimately celebrating a visceral desire to live, laugh and love.



Joyce Lynnette Hocker grew up in Texas and is a descendent of four generations of Texans on both sides. She obtained a PhD in communication from the University of Texas–Austin, and later received a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Montana. Her academic career as a communication studies professor brought her to Missoula, Montana in 1976, where she began her private practice in 1985. Hocker is the author of Interpersonal Conflict, a best-selling text used in more than 250 colleges and universities, now in its 10th edition. Now in semi-retirement, Joyce teaches in the Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Montana, and at Red Willow Learning Center, a nonprofit in Missoula, which supports resilience in people who suffer difficult life experiences. She lives with her husband, Gary Hawk, and their tuxedo cat, Lonestar.

she writes

Thanks to SheWrites, we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us what memoir you’ve read recently, that really touched your heart.

We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck and enjoy your Saturday and weekend!

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16 thoughts on “THE TRAIL TO TINCUP: Love Stories at Life’s End by Joyce Lynette Hocker & GIVEAWAY

  1. A memoir that touched my heart and soul and was unforgettable was Safe Passage by Ida Cook. Sisters whose lives were changed by their selfless and empathetic gestures to save many.


  2. Sounds great! Not sure if this book is classified as a memoir but the Diary of Ann Frank is the classic of all to me


  3. Sounds like a wonderful book. The last memoir I read that really touched me was Gracie: A Love Story by George Burns.


  4. I’m reading Allison Pataki’s touching memoir Beauty In The Broken Places right now. I enjoy a good memoir. This one sounds like one I can relate to.


  5. I’m reading Allison Pataki’s touching memoir Beauty In The Broken Places right now. Thank you for the chance.


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