Set in the past and present, THE HOUSE ON HARBOR HILL (Dafina) by Shelly Stretton, is a murder mystery that tackles the issues of racial prejudice and spousal abuse in the lives of two very different women…
She’s generous, kind, and compassionate–yet Delilah Grey will forever be an outcast in the small seaside town of Camden Beach, Maryland. She takes in women shattered by abuse, poverty, illness, or events beyond their control. But no matter how far she’s come or how many she’s helped find their way back, there is no safe place for Delilah.
Acquitted of her rich husband’s mysterious death decades ago, she lives in her beautiful mansion consumed by secrets–and mistakes she feels she can never atone for. . . . Until she takes in desperate mother Tracey Walters and her two young children.


Tracey won’t say where she’s from or what sent her into hiding. But her determination and refusal to give up reminds Delilah of the spirited, hopeful girl she once was–and the dreams she still cherishes. As Tracey takes tentative steps to rebuild her life, her unexpected attraction to Delilah’s handsome, troubled caretaker inadvertently brings Delilah face to face with the past. And when Tracey’s worst fears come brutally calling, both women must find even more strength to confront truths they can no longer ignore–and at last learn how to truly be free . . .

Shelly Stratton is a fresh voice in women’s fiction. She courageously explores in THE HOUSE on HARBOR HILL difficult subject matter, beyond her years as a novelist. Her prose resonates with strength and intelligence.

Shelly took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions about writing:

Black history month – what does it mean to you as a writer?

Black history month is usually the time of year when many of the authors I love – from Toni Morrison to Beverly Jenkins to Colson Whitehead – get more attention. I hope its also the opportunity for more black writers to get the spotlight shinned on them.

Is it more challenging/difficult approaching the publishing business as a woman of color?

It depends on how you’re approaching the business. Self-publishing has lowered the barriers for almost anyone who wants to write a book to be able to write, format, and sell it, so that route is an open field, but getting published by a large trade publisher is challenging for most people. I would argue, in many ways, its even more challenging for women of color if you don’t already have a high-profile platform. At my publishing house, most of the black authors submitting do not have agents, so that already limits who they can submit their work to. In addition, several publishing imprints that specialized in women of color fiction and romance have shuttered in the past three years. I have quite a few author friends who are women of color who saw their imprints shut down and are finding themselves starting all over again. They’re submitting but getting lots of nos. So yes, it can be challenging. But then again, its challenging business to begin with. We know what we’re getting into!

How has the mystery genre received your novels?

I haven’t really heard any feedback so far from mystery fans. Most of my books contain an element of mystery, but it would be hard to characterize them as straight-forward mystery novels. I’m a fan of genre hybrids.

Anything you’d like to share as being a women of color novelist. (Maybe you don’t even think about it?)

I love being a storyteller and am an avid reader of all genres – from horror to romance to literary fiction to non-fiction, and I’m sure you see all those influences in my writing. With that being said, I also bring the perspective of a woman of color to my writing. I hope it’s the little something I add that helps make my storytelling distinctly mine.

 Anything you’d like to say about diversity in writing – Many voices being published from all over the world..

I’m glad that in college I had professors introduce me to authors like Hanan al-Shaykh and Haruki Murakami so that I’m completely open to different perspectives and approaches to storytelling. I know whatever way I tinker, I’m not inventing the wheel. Writers from all over the world have tried different approaches to writing while presenting their unique stories and cultural perspective.


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About Shelly Stratton

Shelly Stratton is an award-winning journalist who earned her degree at the University of Maryland, College Park. Another Woman’s Man, her novel written under the pseudonym Shelly Ellis, was nominated for a 2014 NAACP Image Award. A film buff and amateur painter, she lives with her husband not far from Washington, D.C. Visit her online at


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Thanks to TLC Book Tours, we have one copy of THE HOUSE ON HARBOR HILL to giveaway. Just tell us about a special friendship you have.

We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only, please.

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28 thoughts on “THE HOUSE ON HARBOR HILL by Shelly Stratton & GIVEAWAY

  1. Sounds good. I have it on my TBR list. Thanks for the chance. My girlfriend since high school & I are still good friends. She’s like a sister to me.


  2. My most special friend is one I’ve had since 1st Grade. Over 30 years! She lives several states away but we still talk for hours every week and text all the time. We don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like, but we hope to be better at that! I wouldn’t know what do without her in my life. She has known me forever!


  3. My friendship is with my Son’s Mother-in-Law & her name is Joan, she is the best friend a women could ask for. About 17 months ago I lost my Husband to Kidney Cancer and at the time I was living in Indiana & I don’t drive. Joan would drive out every week & take me to the grocery store & we would go out to lunch together. When it cam time for me to sell my house Joan was right there to make sure I got the right real estate agent & she helped me pack things up so I was ready to put it one the market. I was fortunate it sold in 3 months & I was able to move back to Chicago where my Son & his family was living. I just wanted to let you know Joan drove from Chicago to Indiana which was a 2 hour drive & 4 hour trip in total. I don’t know what I would have done with out her help. Thanks for this generous chance.


  4. Of all of my special and prized friendships, the ladies in my book club are number one. We have been meeting every 6 weeks for more than 10 years. We have bonded over good books and wine… and have shared love, loss and life together.


  5. My high school friend and I share the same birth date and every year since we try to get together for lunch or dinner. Over 20 years later.


  6. Hi. I reconnected with an old friend of mine here on Facebook that I used to work with years ago. We haven’t missed a beat in all these years and it feels wonderful.


  7. My best friend is my husband, he indulges my love for books. Even helping me build my home library, my life long dream.


  8. A special friend is an elderly neighbor – we share a love of reading and have wonderful discussions on the books we read.


  9. my most special friend is my oldest sister. she came to help me when i was very ill & then later i went to the hospital. we have been going on a vacation together for the last 4 years. we just get along well & share a lot of the same likes.


  10. I have a special bond with my sister. We laugh together, cry together, and bolster each other. We confide in each other and are each others sounding board.


  11. I have a friend I only am in contact with via e-mail. We met through her husband (whom I know in person) about 9 or 10 years ago and started getting to know each other better through e-mail. We e-mail all the time and tell each other deeply personal stuff. I hope we’ll get to meet in person one of these days!


  12. This book sounds amazing! I have a special close friendship with my mom. We always been close and spend lots of time together or talking on the phone.


  13. I have a special new friendship with my friend I met on a reader’s group. Even though we have never met we talk every day. Thank you for the chance.


  14. A friend whom I met when I loved to a new town and was there for me for over 22 years. When I was sick and she was available.


  15. I had a special friendship with a guy I met at the absolute worst time of my life. He was a lifesaver to me. Unfortunately he was also very sick, we didn’t know it at the time, and he is now deceased. But we were very good friends for about 2 years.


  16. I’ve heard great things about this book!
    My friend Ali is my sister in law. We knew each other before we married our husbands (who are brothers) and we’re very close.


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