RUDY’S RULES FOR TRAVEL: Life Lessons From Around The Globe by Mary K. Jensen & GIVEAWAY



We continue memoir month with SheWritesPress’, THE MAGIC OF MEMOIR 3.0. This time we’re reading Mary K. Jensen’s, RUDY’S RULES for TRAVEL: Life Lessons From Around the Globe.

Most honeymoons, Mary knows, do not start this way. Lying outside on the sloping attic roof in Edinburgh, listening to the soft snores of her groom, she realizes that Rudy’s number one rule, “adapt,” once again reigns.

RUDY’S RULES FOR TRAVEL takes you across the twentieth-century globe with intrepid, frugal Rudy and his spouse Mary, a catastrophic thinker seeking comfort. Whether stalled in a Spanish car tunnel, stranded atop a runaway elephant, or held at rifle-point at a Soviet border, Rudy has a rule for every occasion―for example, “Relax, some kind stranger will appear.” Mary, meanwhile, has her deep breathing and her own commandment: “Expect the worst.”

The two are a picture of contrast. As Mary was being born, Rudy was a new American citizen flying US Air Force missions over his homeland, Germany. His father was a seaman, hers an accountant. And when this marriage of opposites goes traveling, their stories combine laugh-out-loud humor with poignant lessons from the odyssey of a World War II veteran. So start packing―you’ll want to join these two.

I’ve been fortunate to travel around the world and it’s always interesting to read a fellow traveler’s experiences. We traveled in different ways to other parts of the globe, but the same humor can be shared by anyone who has packed their bags and left home for a jaunt. The real lesson in traveling is realizing all of us are basically the same and have the same needs. Unfortunately, many peoples basic need aren’t met.



Mary K. Jensen, PhD is a recovering grants writer. After retiring as Professor Emerita from California State University, Chico, she ventured into her attic and pulled out boxes of trip diaries—raw material for her memoir. Jensen earned her master’s degree at Loyola Marymount University and her doctorate at the University of Oregon, where she was an analyst and author for the federal research clearinghouse ERIC. With experience in teaching, school psychology, administration, and teacher preparation, she has been a popular writer and conference speaker, skilled in translating research findings to school practice. She is a survivor—of cancer twice, and of decades of travel with her irrepressible spouse. She lives in northern California where she relishes her writing group, book clubs, poetry group, walks and friendships.

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Thanks to SheWritesPress we have one copy of RUDY’S RULES for TRAVEL to giveaway. Just tell us about one of your favorite trips.

We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.



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14 thoughts on “RUDY’S RULES FOR TRAVEL: Life Lessons From Around The Globe by Mary K. Jensen & GIVEAWAY

  1. One of my favorite trips was to Israel with my family. We journeyed to some very special places and learned so much. It is an amazing place.


  2. A trip to Iceland to visit our son in the military. It is a beautiful country; Greenland is the one that’s bleak! Amazing to drive down a road with the land ruined by volcano on one site and lush, green hillls with tiny little cottages (like large bird houses) tucked in here and there.


  3. My favorite trip was Canyonlands National Park in June, I know crazy, but my best friend, a 4×4 truck and all the gear needed. The Ranger told us we were the only registered visitors in the park. Off we went with a park map, nervous excitement and a park map. We saw Cleopatra’s Chair ” very primitive campsite”, we high fived and off we went. 103 degrees, dust, vast and more beautiful than I’m able to put in words at the moment. The Universe got much, much bigger that night laying under the stars and milky way that stunned us into silence as the howl of the coyote rode on the wind up the 100p foot cliff we were perched on the edge of…


  4. My favorite trip was one spent with husband and children when they were 13 and 9. We drove from California to Washington and took a ferry to Victoria, B.C.. We stayed at someone’s home (Airbnb?) for two weeks. My parents joined us on our 2nd day there. We did a lot of walking there and went to the Butchart Gardens. It’s gorgeous there.


  5. One of my favorite trips was when my Sister and I took a cruise on the Delta Queen on the Mississippi River. We went from New Orleans to Vicksburg and back to New Orleans. We made stops along the way to visit some Antebellum homes and some Civil War battlefields. It was a very relaxing and fun vacation.


  6. My favorite trip was in January of 2016 to Vietnam. Vietnam is such a beautiful country we started in south Vietnam moved to central and then up North. Our favorite was southern Vietnam because of the slow pace and the kindness of the people. We loved sitting and looking at the Mekong Delta River. We are hoping to go back again in March of next year. Thank you for a chance to win what looks like an awesome book.


  7. favorite vacation was this past Fall when me, my daughter and my oldest sister went to the Florida Keys. it was so beautiful there even a month after the hurricane went through. we took the trip because my Mom was supposed to go, but she passed before the trip could happen.


  8. One of my favorite trips would have to be our honeymoon, when we went to Kauai, Hawaii. Scuba diving and seeing a pod of 30 spinner dolphins (babies, too!), the Allerton Gardens tour and reading on the beach made the trip unbelievably perfect!


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