THOUGHTS on THIS ‘n THAT has another book and stuffed animal in the GREEN KIDS CLUB to tell you about so you can share books and learn with the little ones in your life. (aged 5-7)

earth kids

What is the Green Kids Club?

Green Kids Club is designed to teach young children the importance of environmental stewardship through picture books. The series was developed to teach children the importance of protecting habitats, to sustain ecosystems, animal and ultimately human life.  Difficult environmental issues such as poaching, habitat, encroachment, etc. are part of our stories.

 Victor, Maya and Tiago are the main characters in our Green Kids Club Series. In our first story, The Green Spring, the children receive the power to talk to animals by drinking water from a magic spring. In this story, the Grand Council of animals select Victor and Maya to drink water from this spring and from here help to preserve and protect our planet Earth. Kids from all over the world also end up drinking water from the Green Spring and together they help Victor and Maya teach others to protect the animals and their homes.  The adventures take them all over the world, exploring new cultures and learning about protecting and preserving the environment and the animals that depend on you.


The THE ELEPHANT AND THE KING is a delightful story embracing the splendor and abundance of Africa’s wildlife, sending a pertinent message that wildlife and people can co-exist and live in harmony, yet also delicately brings light to a critical issue regarding the plight of wild elephants.
Maya and Victor Green hope to see some elephants on their latest trip to visit their friend Maatla, in Africa. But the elephants have been declining in numbers and not many are left. It will take the   and all of Africa’s animals to complete this adventure.
For more information about African Elephants, you can check out:

You can join the Green Kids Club at

To win THE ELEPHANT AND THE KIDS and a stuffed Maya and small elephant, tell us what you do to stay green.

We’ll announce the winner soon. Good luck.

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8 thoughts on “Green Kids Club – THE ELEPHANT AND THE KING & GIVEAWAY

  1. if i have things i no longer need or want i try to repurpose them into something else; or i try to find someone to give them to; lastly i donate to the thrift store.


  2. We recycle, use our own bags at the supermarlet, and library. We have our own compost in the backyard and grow veggies. Donate and reuse.


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