The perfect brother. The perfect boyfriend. The perfect lie.

Mary Magdalene, known as Mags doesn’t believe her brother was depressed and jumped to his death. She doesn’t believe Abraham, known as Abe’s, death was suicide. She also doesn’t know why the police won’t look a little further into the incident and consider it murder.

In the THE GIRLFRIEND (Sourcebooks), by Sarah J. Naughton, Mags doesn’t believe Abe just slipped over the edge of that forty-foot stairwell. But there is only one witness, Jody, the girlfriend grieving at his bedside. Which is another story Mags doesn’t believe.

Because Jody likes telling stories, this may be her most twisted one yet. As Mags begins to unearth the secrets hidden in her brother’s death, she finds she isn’t just looking for the truth. For Mags, this is more than a simple tragedy. This is an opportunity for revenge.

I liked THE GIRLFRIEND a lot, after the first 20 – 30 pages, which frankly, had me mixed up. Sarah brings together several plot-lines for a real thriller, but starts off a bit rocky. My recommendation is hang in there, because it’s worth it. THE GIRLFRIEND has everything you want in a psychological read; great characters, smart writing and a compelling ending!


sarahSarah worked as an advertising copywriter for ten years before her first book was published in 2013. A supernatural thriller for teens, The Hanged Man Rises (Simon and Schuster) was shortlisted for the Costa Book Awards. A second thriller for teens, The Blood List (Simon and Schuster) came out in 2014.

Sarah lives in London with her husband and two sons.

Social Media:
Twitter: @sarahjnaughton
Facebook: sarahjnaughtonauthor
Instagram: @sarah.naughton

Thanks to Sourcebooks, we have one copy of THE GIRLFRIEND to giveaway. Just tell us about a memory you have about one of your boyfriends.

We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck!

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29 thoughts on “THE GIRLFRIEND by Sarah J. Naughton & GIVEAWAY

  1. I went to an 8th grade turn-about dance. Wore a bright orange dress with a huge white collar! A friend ratted my hair to look older! A scary memory!

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  2. My boyfriend now my husband surprised me with a day trip from ny to Boston for Thanksgiving dinner the first year we were dating.It was heaven,

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  3. I went to dinner with him and it was awkward because we were both shy. Thank goodness it didn’t work out, because he has been in trouble since then.

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  4. the first kiss was a bit awkward because we were just supposed to be friends. something happened and then the kiss happened, and we became boyfriend-girlfriend because of it.

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  5. When my boyfriend from high school was in the army, I eventually paid him a visit in Oklahoma for his graduation ceremony. It was a nice memory, yet sad because it was a four-year, long-distance relationship. The relationship ended sometime after the army, but we’re friends.

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  6. I remember one who was a gaslighter. Always saying I was acting irrational or crazy , when in fact, he was gaslighting me to make me look like the crazy one. Come to find out he actually was guilty of all the things I questioned him about. Good riddance and no more psychological warfare on me, I am too smart for that and he underestimates a woman’s intuition, her strongest attribute!!

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  7. My first true love is now my husband. We dated in high school, went our separate ways after graduation and found each other almost 18 year later. We were married on the 20th anniversary date of our Senior Prom.

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  8. My high school love cheated on me and got another girl pregnant while we were still living together. It was a tough blow to take but it freed me up to eventually meet the man who would become my husband and complete my life

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  9. Oh I’d love to win this one, I’ve heard many good things.
    But first a memory… I remember driving 300+ miles from PA to MD and staying with him in the barracks on AAFB. fun times


  10. I’ve been eyeing this book for a while. As for my memory…he bought tickets for us to see Duran Duran for my birthday, which also happened to be my first concert ever. I’m still a Duranie. : )


  11. My first boyfriend was into drag racing and weight lifting. I remember going to the racetrack with him and always watching him workout. Thank you for the chance.


  12. My first love was a profound affect on my life, four years of his lying and cheating, verbal and physical abuse, but, oh, I loved him. I was 14 and he was 17, he finally left me—— thank God. I don’t know if I would have been strong enough to leave him. I met my husband two years later and we have been together for 46 years😍😍😍


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