THE ITALIAN PARTY (St.MartinPress) by Christina Lynch was so different from what I expected. It turned out to be a delightful read about husbands, wives, secrets, lies, the CIA, communism, prosecco and delicious pasta dishes, all set in Tuscany – 1950’s Sienna, Italy.

Newly married, Scottie and Michael Messina arrive in Sienna under the false pretense of Michael selling new Ford tractors to farmers in the rich countryside of Tuscany. Scottie’s unaware Michael is really a closeted gay man with a lover in Rome and working for the CIA to stop to threat of communism in Italy. Michael’s unaware Scottie’s pregnant with another man’s baby and has some other secrets she hasn’t shared.

When Scottie’s Italian teacher—a teenage boy with secrets of his own—disappears, her search for him leads her to discover other, darker truths about herself, her husband and her country. Michael’s dedication to saving the world from communism crumbles as he begins to see that he is a pawn in a much different game. Driven apart by lies, Michael and Scottie must find their way through a maze of history, memory, hate and love to a new kind of complicated truth.

Half glamorous fun, half an examination of America’s role in the world, THE ITALIAN PARTY is a smart pleasure. Open a bottle of Chianti and mange.



Christina Lynch is a novelist, television writer and professor.

A former Milan correspondent for W and Women’s Wear Daily, she has written on staff for television shows such as The Dead Zone, Encore! Encore!, Unhappily Ever After and Wildfire.

A devoted educator, she has taught television writing forUCLA Extension, and is a full-time tenure track Professor of English at College of the Sequoias in Visalia, California, where she is also the faculty advisor for the literary magazine.

I saw this ad for Christina’s novel and through it was absolutely fabulous!


THE ITALIAN PARTY will be published March 20th. Thanks to St. Martin’s Press, we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us about a trip you took to Italy, or what you imagine Italy would be like.

We’ll pick a winner soon. Good luck.

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21 thoughts on “THE ITALIAN PARTY by Christina Lynch & GIVEAWAY

  1. I’ve been to Italy 3 times. The first time was a walking tour of Tuscany – fabulous! Second trip was to Rome for work, but I got to see all the sights in my free time. The last time was a quick business trip to Milan, but still enjoyable! Love Italy!!


  2. I’ve never been to Italy, but I would really like to visit there some day. I would like to see some of the older cities like Lucca and the Tuscany region. I would also like to go to Rome.


  3. I have never been to Italy but my daughter went last year and loved the buildings , the history and the food .I like the look of the lovely blue water .

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  4. i have not been to Italy. it is on my list of places i would live to visit. i would live to see the countryside and the architecture. the history of it is all ao beautiful.

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  5. It had been a 25 year dream of mine to visit Italy. Our first stop was in Venice, then we rented a car and drove to Verona and Lake Garda, down to Genoa for a few days, then up to Turino where we caught the train to Paris. Wonderful memories and we all want to go again.


  6. I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time in Italy when I studied in France in college. It wasn’t long, a mere 4 days, but the train ride to get there was an adventure in itself. If able, I would love to return and explore more of this amazing country.


  7. I was in Rome 27 years ago, visiting an ex-boyfriend (an ex then today). Lovely trip and I can’t believe I haven’t been back. Need to rectify that…


  8. I have never been to Italy but i would love to go. I would go to the Sistine Chapel, Taormina which is supposed to be magical, Sicily for linens, Positano, Maria Novella Square and Palermo. Thank you for the chance.


  9. This book sounds fantastic. My son was born in Italy so we try to go back every few years; I spent a few weeks in Perugia 2 years ago and can’t wait to go back this summer!


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