They think nothing can tear their bond apart, until a long-buried secret threatens to destroy everything.

Sophie, Emily, Amy and Melissa have been best friends since they were girls. In THE STORY of OUR LIVES by Helen Warner (GraydonHouse), every year they meet up for a vacation, but their time away is much more than just a bit of fun. Over time, it has become a lifesaver, as each of them struggles with life’s triumphs and tragedies.

Four friends. Twenty years. One powerful secret.

THE STORY of OUR LIVES has all the topics we love in women’s fiction; infidelity, postpartum depression, alcoholism, and of course, love, complex friendship and secrets. Helen Warner is a new author for me, and her novel should keep readers interested through the final page. As I was reading the book, I imagined it being turned into a Lifetime movie.

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About Helen Warner

Helen Warner is head of daytime for Channel 4, where she is responsible for shows such as Come Dine With Me and Deal Or No Deal. Previously she worked for ITV where she launched the daytime talk show Loose Women and was editor of This Morning. She lives in East Anglia with her husband and their two children.

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Thanks to TLC BOOK TOURS, we have one copy of THE STORY OF OUR LIVES to giveaway. Just tell us about one special moment that you will always remember. We’ll choose a winner soon. Good luck.



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35 thoughts on “THE STORY OF OUR LIVES by Helen Warner & GIVEAWAY

  1. Every time I connect with my friend, Ellen! She’s a year older and was my first best friend on our block when I was 4. I was sad when she went off to school before I did, but we still did a pantomime of “Sisters” in a grade school talent show a few years later – so fun!

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  2. I am sure this answer is the same for a lot of people. My wedding day and the birth of my two children were the best moments of my life

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  3. The day my daughter was born. I had been in labor for over 32 hours. They finally used forceps. She had the cord around her neck. When she was out enough the Dr. slid the cord off her neck and out she came. Of course she was screaming and they let me hold her. I said,” Hi honey I’m your mommy” and she instantly stopped crying. A moment to melt a mothers heart!!


  4. High school graduation, the birth of my 3 children and the day I got the call saying my purchase offer had been accepted on buying my own house. Those were my good days that I’ll always remember.


  5. I had a very traumatic medical event and was in the hospital over 30 days, on a vent, in ICU, had a wound VAC, but the day I came home was an amazing day, one we weren’t sure would happen😍😍😍


  6. I had not been back home in 30 years since moving out of state from Illinois to California when I was just 18 and I finally went back home after a 30 year absence, (had not seen my father and younger brother in all those years also), and I sobbed and sobbed with so much emotion. I will never forget that feeling ever.


  7. The birth of both of my children. The day I married my husband and best friend. My trip to Vietnam with my best friend she wanted to show me her home country. Thank you for the chance.


  8. A moment that I will always remember was having breakfast with my Dad the morning of his death, he died from a cardiac arrest that afternoon, I could not believe it when I got the news that day. . But I relish that moment of having light conversation over breakfast that morning before work.


  9. One of the days I will always treasure and never forget is the day I graduated from nursing school. I went to school, worked full-time and had a husband and two children plus our home to take care of too. It was a lot of hard work and sacrifices but when I was handed my diploma it was all worth it!!
    Thank you for the great giveaway offer 😊


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