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THOUGHTS on THIS ‘n THAT introduced blog followers to the GREEN KIDS CLUB a few weeks ago. The response was positive, so we’re back with more books and stuffed animals for you to share with the little ones in your life.

earth kids

What is the Green Kids Club?

Green Kids Club is designed to teach young children the importance of environmental stewardship through picture books. The series was developed to teach children the importance of protecting habitats, to sustain ecosystems, animal and ultimately human life.  Difficult environmental issues such as poaching, habitat, encroachment, etc. are part of our stories.

 Victor, Maya and Tiago are the main characters in our Green Kids Club Series. In our first story, The Green Spring, the children receive the power to talk to animals by drinking water from a magic spring. In this story, the Grand Council of animals select Victor and Maya to drink water from this spring and from here help to preserve and protect our planet Earth. Kids from all over the world also end up drinking water from the Green Spring and together they help Victor and Maya teach others to protect the animals and their homes.  The  adventures take them all over the world, exploring new cultures and learning about protecting and preserving the environment and the animals that depend on them.

INTRODUCING …YooHoo’s Swimming Trip


One hot day Victor from the Green Kids Club and YooHoo and Friends decide to go swimming. They’re paddling their boat to the lake when the realize the water is disappearing.

Can the boys find the missing water and finally go swimming?

A Magic Spring enables the Green Kids – Victor, Maya and Tiago to talk with the animals about their environmental issues. As the kids travel the world their friends also become Green Kids and their adventures help animals to improve our world.


You can join the Green Kids Club at http://www.GreenKidsClub.com

YooHoo and friends are created based on rare or endangered animals around the world to deliver the green environmental message in the line with global trends on conservation of the natural world and out surrounding habitats.

You can see more of YooHoo and Friends  at http://www.yoohoofriends.com

REMEMBER: Anything you can do helps protect our global home.

To win YooHoo’s swimming Trip and a little stuffed YooHoo, tell us what you do to stay green.


Good luck. We’ll announce winners in a week or so.

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8 thoughts on “YooHoo – GREEN KIDS CLUB – YooHoo & Friends … YooHoo’s Swimming Trip

  1. We have been recycling for about 10 or more years we have a compost bucket on the counter and a huge compost pile outside we use that for our garden then a few friends bring their lawn clippings and weed scraps that we add to it. We also recycle garbage bags and egg cartons mushroom containers and we make out own cat food for the stray kitties so we aren;t throwing out any scraps. We only have 2 bags of garbage in our garbage can so they are very light we are trying to get down to 1 at the end of the year that is our goal! Yes we are a total recycling family.

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