THE CHALK MAN is C.J. Tudor’s debut novel and it’s scaring the wits out of just about everyone who reads it … including moi.

2018 will definitely be remembered as the year of the psychological thriller. THE CHALK MAN(Crown)by C.J. Tudor is the third novel I’ve read this year that has scared the day lights out of me and we’ve only just entered the third week of January.

It’s a compelling psychological suspense story that weaves a mystery about a childhood game that goes dangerously wrong, and keeps readers guessing right up to the shocking ending. Time flashes back and forth between 1986 and 2016.

Eddie and his friends are kids on the cusp of adolescence. They spend their days biking around looking for any kind of excitement they can get into and annoying just about anyone who comes across their paths. The chalk men are their secret code: little chalk stick figures they leave for one another as messages only they can understand. But then a mysterious chalk man leads them right to a dismembered body, and nothing is ever the same. NEVER!

C.J. Tudor has created a creepy, tightly wound plot and characters you won’t soon forget in THE CHALK MAN. Chances are the clever readers will like the surprise ending. I look forward to reading more from C.J. Tudor, even though I’m already afraid.



C.J. Tudor lives in Nottingham, England, with her partner and three-year-old daughter. THE CHALK MAN is her first novel.

Check C.J.  out on twitter @cjtudor

We have one copy of THE CHALK MAN to giveaway. Just tells us your fondest memories of the 1980’s …. if you weren’t around, make it up! We’ll announce a winner soon.


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23 thoughts on “THE CHALK MAN by C.J. Tudor & GIVEAWAY

  1. My fondest memory of the 80’s would have to be the hairstyles! Oh, and I purchased my first new car ever in 1987 and in 1988 my first ever grandchild was born. Thank you for the giveaway…love the scary ones!

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  2. i remember the music (hey Cyndi Lauper and Madonna) & ET movie coming out at theater (saw it twice), graduating high school, & having my oldest son & my daughter.

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  3. Oh how I want to win this one. I’m not sure why but somehow it’s at the top of my very long TBR list. The 80’s was all about Madonna and Bon Jovi for me.

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  4. Fondest memory of the 80’s is we moved to Idaho and I started my long nursing career of 36 plus years with the same hospital 😍😍😍. Thanks for chance.

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  5. The fondest memories of the 1980s would be my graduation from college, marriage to my husband, becoming first-time homeowner, and the birth of our oldest child.

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  6. The music, hug a bunch dolls, strawberry shortage dolls, Jem. Roller skating. My little ponies and cabbage patch dolls. Saturday morning cartoons. MTV actually playing Music!! Just to make a few


  7. The 1980s were amazing! My favorite memories: Watching Princess Diana’s wedding, singing Michael Jackson songs with my friends, movies like Back to the Future….


  8. I turned 18 in 1980 and made the big move to California from Illinois all by myself , following my heart to be with a man I was deeply in love with, and the 80s were a turbulent rollercoaster ride for me. I survived it! Gosh I was brave then! I have become so practical now! (I think I commented on the wrong section, so did not mean to double post for this book)


  9. My friends and I were complete Goonies as kids in the 80s- even before the movie! We made up adventures, and spent hours hanging out. It was a lot of fun. 🙂


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