WATCH ME by Jody Gehrman & GIVEAWAY




watch me

Author, Jody Gehrman take readers to the very edge of obsession in her new dark, psychological thriller, WATCH ME (St.Martin’sPress).

Kate Youngblood is disappearing. Drifting through her late 30s as a creative writing professor at Blackwood college, the follow-up novel to her successful debut tanks. She’s always been bright, beautiful, independent and a little wild, but now her glow is starting to disappear. Her husband left her for a woman ten years younger. She’s heading into an age where her eyes are less blue, her charm worn out, and soon no one will ever truly look at her.

And then there’s, Sam Grist, Kate’s most promising student. A writer with razor-sharp clarity who gravitates towards dark themes and twisted plots. His talent is something Kate wants to nurture into literary success, but he’s not there solely to be the best writer. He’s been watching Kate.. Wanting Kate. Working his way to Kate for years. As Sam slowly makes his way into Kate’s life, they enter a deadly web of dangerous lies and forbidden desire. But how far will his fixation go? And how far will she allow it?

I really liked being in the mind of a sociopath. Jody creates a sick-o that all of us hope we never come across … unless of course, in a novel. It was fun watching Sam stalk his prey, Kate. Readers better put some time aside to read WATCH ME, because you’re not going to want to put it down.



Jody Gehrman is a native of Northern California, where she can be found writing, teaching, reading, or obsessing over her three cats most days. She is also the author of eleven novels and numerous award-winning plays. Her Young Adult novel Babe in Boyland was optioned by the Disney Channel and won the International Reading Association’s Teen Choice Award. Her plays have been produced in Ashland, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and L.A. She and her partner David Wolf won the New Generation Playwrights Award for their one-act, Jake Savage, Jungle P.I.

 She is a professor of English and Communications at Mendocino College.


Thanks to St. Martin’s Press, we have one copy of WATCH ME to giveaway. Just tell us if you’ve ever felt like you were being followed. We’ll announce a winner at the end of the month.

WATCH ME will be published January 23rd.


21 thoughts on “WATCH ME by Jody Gehrman & GIVEAWAY

  1. Sounds scary, just like I like them👏👏. I don’t know why but I like to try and figure out why people do bad things. Thanks for chance👏👏

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  2. When driving, there were a few times when I thought I was being followed. The same car would be behind me for a long while after several turns. It was apparently coincidental as they will eventually turn off onto a different street. Whew! LOL

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  3. No I haven’t been. However when my sister was a carhop in high school there was a guy that drove an old taxi cab and followed her to our house. It was so creepy.

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  4. what an intriguing book to read. I love books that are thrillers and keep you on the edge of your seat. No I haven’t felt like I’ve been followed before, but maybe I have?

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  5. Yes, once when I was in high school, instead of pulling in to my driveway I drove to the police station & when I pulled in to their lot the car kept going and when I finally left to drive home I stared in my rear mirror all the way making sure the car wasn’t back- very scary! This sounds like a great book to read!

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  6. yes, once from an ex; he would show up at my job and watch me while i worked. guess making sure i was there and not somewhere else. he was jealous and we didn’t last long.


  7. Years ago walking home from late college class I felt like someone was following me.Turned out to be innocent but for that one moment panic,


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