We all fell in love with Jillian Medoff after reading her novel, I COULDN’T LOVE YOU MORE (5 Spot). It’s about a mother who has to make a decision no parent can’t fathom – having to choose which one of her children she will save.


Jillian’s new novel, THIS COULD HURT (Harper) will be published on Tuesday. It’s a razor-sharp, achingly funny novel, which takes a look at how important work is in our lives. She creates a group of compelling and flawed characters who fall in and out of love, and are always dreaming for something better. They hope to stay employed, while the economy fluctuates making layoffs more realistic than ever being told, “good job.” Rosa Guerrero the Chief Executive VP, in charge of hiring and firing for the entire company, but more than not, she’s the mother hen of a bunch of people all with their own mishegas.

THIS COULD HURT is an inspired satire on something we all (well mostly) have to do daily! Go to work! For the people working in the Human Resources department of the Ellery Consumer Research Group, sometimes its a good day, for others bad, but at Ellery, it’s never boring!

I was lucky to receive an advance copy of THIS COULD HURT and can tell you, it had me laughing aloud. I love Jillian’s writing. It’s so relatable

Check out THIS COULD HURT in bookstores, Tuesday. We have one copy courtesy of Jillian and Harper. Just tell us the worst job you had. We’ll announce a winner soon.

Happy 2018!

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22 thoughts on “THIS COULD HURT by Jillian Medoff & GIVEAWAY

  1. Working at IHOP on summer break when I was in college. The customers were rude and the staff was obnoxious and perverted. There was also the mean old lady who sat in the back every day. Seriously, she was so @#$&+/! mean!!! We barely got minimum wage and had to pay for our food. I had to wear the ugliest dress while guys wore white shirts and black pants. I haven’t been inside an IHOP in over 21 years.

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  2. I remember David Bremmer doing a bit years ago, that IHOP had “We have braille menus” on road signs……. DUH!


  3. The worst job I ever had was working in fast food. Luckily, I didn’t have to prepare any food; however, just having to work the registers—as well as the drive-thru—was demanding enough. When many customers weren’t a pain in the butt, that’s where management took their place. Every business has their share of bad customers, but I knew I didn’t want to be there forever. I’ve had plenty of customers shake their heads at me; others would figuratively snap their fingers; and, I recall one customer who yelled at me over the intercom. After several months of working there, I finally put in my notice. On my last day, the manager kindly offered a 25-cent raise if I stayed. I think my reply was, “I’ll think about it.” Of course, I didn’t. Besides, I’d started a new job. 🙂


  4. The worst job? I worked in a toy dept. one year at Christmas. I lived in a small town and we had to not only sell the gifts but wrap them too. I am the world’s worst wrapper and it was crazy busy.


  5. One of my first jobs way back when was McDonald’s. I will not go into details just know I quit after day 2. Thank you for the chance this sounds like a great book to pick up the January blahs.


  6. My retail jobs weren’t too bad, but I would say my worst job was babysitting for one particular family. They didn’t always pay me, were always late getting home, and when they did pay me, it was very, very little. They traveled for a week between Christmas and New Year’s, and I went with them- an entire week, and I was their live-in nanny and housekeeper, working around the clock at 16 years old, and they paid me $50 for the week.


  7. My worst job was working as an executive assistant to the VP of a large printing company. He made my life miserable. Luckily I was able to transfer to another department after six months.


  8. My worst job? Cleaning the restrooms every weekend in the dorm I was living in. I’ve lost count on how many people were sick after partying. I will say though the custodians loved me. One tried to get me to stay on after I graduated. He said that most student workers didn’t clean as well as I did.


  9. My worst job was tutoring after school during my first few years of teaching. I was teaching math and allowed students who needed to help to stay until 5 for tutoring. It was my own time, I didn’t get paid any extra. Many parents made their kids stay after school just for free babysitting without a thank you, plus they got mad if I cancelled for some reason.


  10. Wow how heartbreaking it would be to have to choose which child to save. My worst job was in high school. I worked at a hole in the wall restaurant. I was a waitress in a very small town. I remember how bad my feet hurt. Every since then I make sure and leave waiters and waitresses good tips.


  11. Working at McDonalds… I was hired sandwich prep then they moved me to drive-thru then moved me to cashier then on the day they told me I was going to do the garbage and mop floors, I quit because I just couldn’t do it. I actually only lasted not even a week… so it was pretty bad!


  12. mcdonalds at the grill wearing the polyester uniform in the 80’s when the mcrib was all the rage – i did get promoted to the drive thru window with a stint cleaning the bathrooms along the way! Clean as you go was the motto!


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