The HOLIDAYS have arrived and we’re doing something a little different. Over the next few weeks, we’re featuring some of our favorite authors and finding out what they like best about the HOLIDAYS. We’re also finding out what their latest book project is.


Laurel Davis Huber’s, THE VELVETEEN DAUGHTER (SheWritesPress) is one of the most original novels I’ve read this year. It focuses on the author of the VELVETEEN RABBIT,  Margery Williams’, daughter, Pamela. Pamela’s genius as a painter was overshadowed by her mother. Pamela’s star rose until she reached her teens, and then she was dismissed by the art world. THE VELVETEEN RABBIT is my absolute favorite book. It’s all about the journey of becoming real. I was naturally interested in reading Huber’s novel.

Laurel was at the Miami Book Fair last month and at the last-minute I couldn’t make it. Such a disappointment … But I did meet her in Chicago at BookExpo in May, lovely lady. Hopefully we’ll catch up at the next BookExpo.


Laurel Davis Huber grew up in Rhode Island and Oklahoma. She is a graduate of Smith College. She has worked as a corporate newsletter editor, communications director for a botanical garden, high school English teacher, and senior development officer for both New Canaan Country School and Amherst College. She has studied with the novelist and short-story writer Leslie Pietrzyk (the 2015 Drue Heinz Literature Prize winner for This Angel on My Chest) and has participated in several writing residencies at the Vermont Studio Center. She and her husband split their time between New Jersey and Maine.


We asked Laurel some questions about the holidays and here are her answers.

CR: What is your favorite holiday?

LDH: Actually, my all-time favorite holidays as a child were summer holidays when we’d take family camping trips – tents, sleeping bags, gas lanterns – the whole deal. I had to find firewood, fetch water, clean tin dishes, and I thought it was the best fun in the whole world!


CR: Favorite present you’ve given?

LDH: The best I’ve given anonymously to someone I didn’t know. This person needed something very much and I was happy I could provide it.

CR: Favorite present you’ve received?

LDH: My favorite present of all time was the necklace my five-year old son made for me long ago at a fair. I watched as he spent hours choosing the exact right line-up of plastic beads until he was happy with his creation. I wore that necklace to his college graduation.

(added information: her son is all grown up and recently got married.)

CR: Favorite Holiday music?

LDH: During the Christmas season at me Quaker high-school we always sang “Jerusalem.” It was just a beautiful, moving song. “Bring me my bows of burning gold… – wow! I get the shivers just thinking of it.

CR: Favorite holiday meal and/or dessert?

LDH: Kiss pudding! I realize now I haven’t made it for ages, but my mother used to make it all the time. I think it’s an old, old dessert because I think my mother’s mother used to make it, too. If you haven’t had it, look it up.

(added information: well, we did. there are over 70,000 recipes for kiss pudding. just check  )



CR: Message/wishes for 2018?

LDH: If only there could only be unity, more reasonable discourse, more generosity on this planet. If only …

If only… Thank you Laurel for answering our questions.

We’re giving away several journals for our blog followers so they can start the new year off on a fresh page. Just tell us what your message/wishes are for 2018. We’ll announce winners in several weeks.

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