** FABULOUS FRIDAY FINDS ** JOURNALU ** Special price for our blog followers **

10journalThis week’s “Fabulous Friday Finds” are affordable elegant handmade Journals for the person who wants something unique and dazzling! And as a follower of THOUGHTS on THIS ‘n THAT, you get a special 10% discount, if you order any from    JOURNALU and type in THISNTHAT10 in the coupon section.


I thought hilighting Kristen’s one of a kind journals would be perfect for followers of THOUGHTS on THIS ‘n THAT. If you belong to our blog, you have a special place in your heart for the written word. Whether you’re an author, would-be author or you love reading, journaling is probably part of your life. It has been mine for a while. I love to write, doodle, collect things – my journaling is kind of like “assemblage.”


KRISTEN has been journaling since she was 5 years old, although back then it was called keeping a diary [that was 33 years ago]. She had a Holly Hobbie diary with the gilt-edged pages and lock and key. She wrote about what she had for dinner and what she did that day and locked it up and hid it so her brother wouldn’t read it. This was secret stuff!  She kept diaries until high school when it progressed to being called journaling, and she filled simple composition books with her teen angst. Soon she found that there was a world of beautiful journals just waiting for her words, and she filled them almost as quickly, as she could buy them.

What started at such a young age as just a simple itch to put pen to paper slowly grew into a process that soothes her soul. She writes about anything and everything wherever and whenever the mood strikes. Anything on her mind at the time, she sits down to write is fair game for her journal. It keeps all of her secrets.


They’re handmade sewn bound notebooks using decorative paper, embellishments, distressed ink stains, brads, clips, decorative lettering and all kinds of one of a kind details!






















Here’s the best part: The journals start at $20, she takes all credit cards and you get a 10%-discount by being a follower of THOUGHTS on THIS ‘n THAT!

Just go to the ETSY site, choose a journal and when you check out, type THISNTHAT10   in the coupon area     JOURNALU

Time is winding down, but you still have time to order and get your journal before Christmas – hopefully! If you’re not in a hurry, she makes them to order – uniquely yours!

FYI: We’re giving away one of Kristen’s fabulously designed journals. Just tell us one secret you would put in your new journal.


9 thoughts on “** FABULOUS FRIDAY FINDS ** JOURNALU ** Special price for our blog followers **

  1. I would put in all the passwords I have floating around in different places and since upgrading my iPhone there was a problem with transferring the contacts so I would store phone numbers in it as well. A spot for gift ideas and travel plans-I’ll stop now-suffice it to say a beautiful journal comes in handy!

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  2. I love to journal but stopped years ago the journal that i had just wasn’t encouraging me i would pick it up and then i didn’t want to write in it and i enjoy writing what and when i can as my fingers need to move as much as they can or i will have less movement with the disease i have. So this might be on my christmas list as my other item is search a word book

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  3. Well, it wouldn’t be much of a secret if I told, right? 😉 But a journal is a wonderful place to just be yourself and work things through.

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  4. Journals, to me, hold so much possibility……that thought that just come to mind, the poem I have to remember, a prayer request, prayers answered. Haven’t found a journal that isn’t full of possibility’s and journeys to go.

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