The HOLIDAYS have arrived and we’re doing something a little different on our blog. Over the next few weeks, we’re featuring some of our favorite authors and finding out what they like best about the HOLIDAYS. We’ll also hearing all about their latest projects.


Brit Bennett is the best-selling author of the novel, THE MOTHERS. While attending BookExpo in New York, all anyone was talking about is “this debut author and her fabulous book that is going to be a runaway bestseller.” That of course, was Brit. I missed meeting her by seconds, but I was able to get a copy of her novel. And yes, THE MOTHERS is fantastic and delivers on all the type.

Then I found out she was teaching a writing workshop here recently in Miami-Dade College, Center for Literacy and I’m sure I was first to sign up. Holy Cow! Three days learning from Brit? I’m there.

Brit facilitates her workshop in a very gracious and generous manner. (I think she’s still stunned at how successful THE MOTHERS was.) Much like the characters in her novel, the dialogue is real and you can actually hear these “people” speaking. They’re also characters that you probably know.

THE MOTHERS is set in a black community in Southern California, but it’s entirely inclusive. Brit is like that, she makes everyone around her feel comfortable and every question is treated with respect and answered.

I’m looking forward to reading her next novel, which of course she is writing and staying “mums” about …  and hopefully attending another workshop


Brit Bennett

We got the opportunity to ask Britt about the Holidays. And here’s what she told us.

CR: Favorite Holiday.

BB: Christmas.


CR: Favorite gift you’ve ever given?

BB: A bound copy of my mother’s ancestry research.

CR: Favorite gift you’ve received?

BB: Signed copy of my favorite Toni Morrison book,  SONG of SOLOMON. 


CR: Favorite Holiday music?

BB: Motown Christmas Album.


CR: Favorite holiday meal and/or dessert?

BB: Apple pie.


CR: Message/wishes for 2018?

BB: Hopefully, more kindness and empathy.

So, what’s ahead for Brit? We’re thrilled to tell you that THE MOTHERS is being turned into a film by Warner Bros. Golden Globe award-winning actress from the hit television show, SCANDAL, Kerry Washington is producing

Brit has written a short story called BUTTERBALL: A Short Story, which is destined to be a Thanksgiving tradition. It’s only $1.49 on kindle.


We’re giving away several journals to Thoughts on This ‘n That followers. Just tell us what your wishes are for 2018. We’ll announce winners in a few weeks.


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