rose-5Did everyone have a yummy Thanksgiving? Are you all still full? Well, guess what? It’s Black Friday! It’s time to shop!

When I was on television, I had a segment called, “Fabulous Friday Finds.” I’d highlight different items I found that had a little something extra to make them special. Well, we’ve decided to add this to our blog.

We’re kicking off with Seattle’s, ROSANNA, Inc.

Rosanna, Inc. is in specialty shops and you can purchase items at Rosanna


Make a toast, throw a party and live, laugh and love.


Rosanna Bowles founded ROSANNA, INC in 1982. She started creating dinnerware, tableware, glassware and accessories out of her Seattle home. Three decades and millions of dishes later, she’s welcome in anyone’s home. They include modern, classic and sassy home designs for any occasion … at affordable prices. They are the perfect gifts to give during the holidays and really, all year ’round.


ROSANNA includes lots of cute porcelain trinkets with messages like “you’re cute” “Let’s make out” and “I Like you” among many others. You can rest your rings and things in these little dishes, when you take them off.

ROSANNA also has lots of delightful porcelain baubles to include in your sassy office – like the perfect card holder, pencil holder and fun items to make your work area all the more darling and workday all the more workable.


ROSANNA also has statement items to celebrate your position as a feminist. Stand up for what you believe during these wacky political times. Each has a message for women to vote and share their nasty side.


Elegant, delicate and enchanting dishes help celebrate your heart of hearts and sweetheart. Everyday can be Valentine’s Day.


All items are specifically designed and have a twist of clever humour. Check out “eat well, travel often” and “The future is bright.” All of these memorable and exclusive trinkets are designed to put a smile on the recipient’s face.


They are really neat items to collect and shopping for a ROSANNA, INC dish, cup or any trinket is always a enjoyable experience. All pieces are packed in minature boxes as cute as what’s inside. Delicate washing by hand is suggested.


Cake plates are available in dozens of configurations – circles, squares, hexagons – and in a rainbow of colors. Each one will add a touch of class to your entertaining. Why not start a collection? You’ll want to use them on holidays, birthdays, bridal showers – they make every occasion a little more special.


And of course, with Christmas just around the corner, who wouldn’t want to put out some of these cute Santa and tree plates out around your home. They’re great hostess gifts to givewhen you head out to a party. Lucky you when you receive one.

I really love having these little do-dads around my home. They just make you happy whether you buy it for yourself or someone special on your gift list. 

There’s a huge sale going on right now. Just hit the link below. Browse a bit and tell me which design you think is cutest. I personally love the fancy schmancy champagne theme plates. I’m giving away one of the dishes next week ….. as my early holiday gift to you.

Have fun today. Be careful while driving, parking and wading through the mass of fellow shoppers. Personally, I do everything on-line. Be well.



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