The HOLIDAYS are fast approaching and we’ve decided to do something a little different. Over the next few weeks, we’re featuring some of our favorite authors and finding out what they like best about the HOLIDAYS. We’ll also find out what their latest book project is.


Bestselling author, Martha Reynolds is the author of six books … and three of them are about chocolate. We became fast friends when we met up on line. I love all her books, but especially CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST, CHOCOLATE FONDUE and BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE. I gained three pounds just reading her books, because I have to compliment the reading with some …. chocolate, of course!



Martha’s new novel, VILLA del SOL will be published December 1st. This time she’s heading back to a more dramatic feel. It’s the story about a woman trying to find peace in her life, after tragedy has struck.

Jennifer Logan just buried her husband, the beloved senior senator from Rhode Island. To find solace and peace for her troubled soul, she rents a villa in a small town on the Swiss-Italian border. For the next six months Jennifer will process her grief in solitude, unplugged from the world.
But her financial stability is threatened when her husband’s only child lays a claim to his estate. Jennifer’s future is uncertain, and she must face the woman who has despised her for years. Senator Logan’s daughter always believed Jennifer was nothing more than a gold-digging trophy wife. She wasn’t the only one.
One person can help her find the peace she needs to move on with her life. But first, Jennifer will have to trust. And trust enough to share a secret about her husband’s death.


We chatted with Martha about the upcoming Holidays and she’s excited!

CR: Favorite Holiday? 

MR: Thanksgiving, because of the food, of course. It’s November, it’s chilly in New England and it’s usually the first gathering after summer ends.

snoop thanks

CR: Favorite gift you’ve given?

MR: My husband and I planned a trip a few years ago – to Switzerland. I’d been numerous times, studied there, set my first novel (and subsequent ones) there, but he’d never been. This was more like a gift to each other, but we had a lot of  fun planning our travels.

CR: Favorite present you’ve received?

MR: A trip to Ireland.



CR: Favorite holiday music?

MR: Christmas – O HOLY Night for a hymn and HARD CANDY for a secular song.

CR: Favorite Holiday meal and/or dessert?

Salt–rubbed, roasted turkey with roasted parsnips, pan sauce, center and spiced pumpkin soup with m

MR: Turkey with all the trimmings.

CR: Your message/wishes for 2018.

MR: Words matter. Be kind.  


Thank you, Martha. Happy New Year, to you, too!


FYI: We’ll be reviewing and giving away a copy of Martha’s new  novel, Villa del Sol – check back!

We’re also giving away new journals to several of our blog followers for the new year. Just tell us what your message/wishes are for 2018. We’ll announce winners in the few weeks.

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12 thoughts on “MARTHA REYNOLDS, Author & GIVEAWAY

  1. I need to mark down her latest on my TBR list. I’ve read the chocolate series–loved them all. I wished people would be more kind, slow down, less prejudicial in regards to religion and politics–like people for themselves rather than what religion they practice, their political preference, their income, their race, their sexual orientation–just treat them as equal and be humanistic. Eradicate bullying. This is my biggest sore point. I really dislike seeing reports about children, homosexuals, and the disabled being bullied. Something needs to be done. It makes me sick. I want to see this get better in 2018.


  2. Dark chocolate is to drool for ! My wish for 2018 is that my disease doesn’t get any worse and that it stops giving some of the pain! Also that my hubby gets a job that he interviewed for a few months ago! That would be a dream come true for us! We could get my scooter fixed to new and also a dryer!


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