WILD MOUNTAIN by Nancy Hayes Kilgore & GIVEAWAY


Let me first write that the photograph on the cover of WILD MOUNTAIN (GreenWritersPress) is beautiful. I can only imagine how this covered bridge would look in the spring. I know how important covered bridges are to Vermonters. They take pride when giving directions to their homes, gleefully stating if a bridge is along the route. The idea of one be damaged just hurts my soul. Many of us remember the historic floods of 2011, following Hurricane Irene. Over forty people were killed and some of Vermont’s iconic bridges were washed away. This is what I was thinking about while reading Nancy Hayes Kilgore’s novel, WILD MOUNTAIN.

Vermonter, Mona Duval is miserable when an ice storm collapses a covered bridge next to her store. A season resident decides to assist her with his political savvy getting the bridge rebuilt only to face powerful local opposition. At the same time, the Freedom to Marry Bill is coming up for a vote and that has the town on edge, as well. And then, Mona’s abusive ex-husband shows up.

The Vermont in WILD MOUNTAIN isn’t the quaint little northeastern place many of think of when thinking of the Green Mountain State. It’s a love story between Mona and Frank, as well as the ugliness that can appear from unexpected corners. The people and place are compelling and written by a wise observer of human actions. Kilgore has a lyrical style of writing that makes this reader feel as if she’s reading poetry at timesnancy

Nancy Hayes Kilgore, a writer and psychotherapist, and was 2016’s winner of the Vermont Writer’s Prize. Her writing has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and her first novel, Sea Level, was a Foreword Reviews Book of the Year. Formerly a parish pastor, Nancy leads workshops on writing and spirituality for clergy, therapists, and writers throughout the U.S. She lives in Vermont with her husband, a painter, and expresses her passion for nature, spirituality, and psychology through writing.


Interview between Nancy & Fiction Writer’s Review

Thanks to Green Writers’ Press, we have one copy of WILD MOUNTAIN to giveaway. Just tell us about something in nature that stops you in your tracks and takes your breath away.

We’ll announce a winner next week.

18 thoughts on “WILD MOUNTAIN by Nancy Hayes Kilgore & GIVEAWAY

  1. When you see a doe and her mom is with her. Or a family of turkeys come by your office window to show them off every day! Seeing the birds coming to all of our bird feeders. Putting out food as we noticed we have some stray cats around and then you find that they are coming every day. Watching out chihuahuas run around our land and then poop themselves out and they ran after nothing. Hearing the cows at night from the farmer who lives across the hills mooing for their dinner. I married and moved to Iowa 15 years ago and in Ca, I didn’t see or hear any of this as I lived 20 min from SF so it is just wonderful to sit on my scooter and see what new things or sounds that I hear today.

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  2. I love the animals and they will stop me in my tracks to watch them. I get to see pheasants, deer, bunnies, quail, doves, skunks— they will definitely stop me😜😜😜😜. Thanks for chance, I am excited to read this book!!

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  3. So much I love about nature, trees their shapes and colors, rivers and brooks. Animals, the colors smells the sound of nature. I love it all.

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  4. A beautiful sunset, then the harvest moon reminds me that I am but a speck in our universe. If I just look up into the sky, I will see a magnificent show.

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