The O’Briens are back in Sherryl Woods’, LILAC LANE … giveaway


We’re celebrating the publication of bestselling author, Sherryl Woods’ new novel, LILAC LANE, which arrived in bookstores Tuesday.

No one writes about friends, family and home better than Sherryl Woods. Told with warmth and humor, Lilac Lane (Mira) is a brand-new story in her beloved Chesapeake Shores series, one readers all over the world have waited two years to read

At the heart of LILAC LANE is Keira Malone, who raised her three children alone after her first marriage broke apart, and after years of guarding her heart, finally finds love again. But that love is short-lived when her fiancé suffers a fatal heart attack. Grieving and unsure of what’s next, Keira agrees to move from Dublin to Chesapeake Shores, Maryland, to spend time with her daughter, Moira, and her new granddaughter, Kate, as well as to help her son-in-law, Luke, with his Irish pub, O’Briens.

Not wanting to live underfoot, she rents a charming cottage on Lilac Lane, replete with views of the ocean and her neighbor’s thriving garden—not to mention views of the neighbor himself. The neighbor is none other than Bryan Laramie, the brusque and moody chef at the pub, with whom Keira is constantly butting heads.

But things get real when Bryan’s long-lost daughter, whom he hasn’t seen since she was a baby, shows up out of the blue. As Bryan and Keira each delve into their pasts, reopening wounds, the rest of the town is gearing up for the Fall Festival Irish Stew cook-off, and making no bones about whose side they’re on. Is this a recipe for disaster … or a new chance for finding love?

I haven’t been fortunate to read the other novels in the Chesapeake series, but while reading LILAC LANE, I felt like a part of the O’Brien family. That small town feeling of everyone knowing everything about everyone welcomed me right into the thick of what was happening. All the characters were new to me, but apparently a few in this book are new to the series, so I felt right at home. Part of my family comes from County Galway, so I appreciated the Irish flavor. I have to go back and read the earlier novels in the series.

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About Sherryl Woods

With her roots firmly planted in the South, Sherryl Woods has written many of her more than 100 books in that distinctive setting, whether in her home state of Virginia, her adopted state, Florida, or her much-adored South Carolina. Sherryl is best known for her ability to creating endearing small town communities and families. She is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 75 romances for Silhouette Desire and Special Edition.

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Thanks TLC Book Tours and Mira, you have a chance to win a copy of LILAC LANE. Tell us about the best friendship you’ve ever had and we’ll announce a winner next week.

Good luck. Have a lovely weekend.

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15 thoughts on “The O’Briens are back in Sherryl Woods’, LILAC LANE … giveaway

  1. The best friendship i have ever had is with my husband of soon to be 33 years! He is my constant and I feel so blessed to have him in my life! My rock and confidant and many other hats he wears. He does so many things that help me out and never complains!

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  2. My sister is my best friend. I can count on her and she can count on me. Growing up together we have a special bond and it is always there even though we live far apart.

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  3. The friend that I’ve been closest to since college, well our friendship seems to be fading. No reason other than it’s hard to foster when only one is willing. Not giving up, I think she’s just busy with her kids–one has a serious health concern.

    But my friendship with two other women, Marsha and Carmen, seems to be going stronger. I’ve been friends with one for 26 years and the other for 18.


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  4. Well, my husband-of-forever, of course, especially as we enter these “golden years” ;-). And my daughter, also of course. And I have a friend I met nearly 40 years ago, both on our first day of work, and it’s been a wonderful friendship that has supported us through a lot. And a nice surprise, I am pleased that my adult granddaughters are also now my good friends.

    I love the type of stories in Lilac Lane. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  5. Nowadays, the best friendship I have is with my parents, husband, and children, and most likely will be with little grandson. I still maintain connection with past friends, but with distance and busy lives, we don’t see or talk to each other as much as we used to. I’m an introvert; so, social life isn’t big on my list.

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  6. My best friend is 1000 miles away from me and has been since I moved from NY to MN. With her though it seems like we are living next door we travel together (we went to Vietnam in January) she comes here I go there. We talk everyday. She is truly the best friend you could wish for. Thank you for the chance.

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  7. My very best friend was met 43 years ago. We had just moved into our first home. I was still working and had 2 more months of waiting to meet our first born. I would come home from work to find that the back gate was opened. The dog was out running loose. One day while I went out to check to see if the dog was in the back, I heard the sound of someone climbing the fence. I ran out and yelled at the young boy and asked if he was the one leaving my gate opened. With that, his mother came to see what was going on. This was how we met and we’ve been the best of friends ever since. While we have spent more time apart due to my husband’s job, we have always been able to pick up the phone and pick up where we had left off. That is the best is can get! I love her and miss out physical time together. ❤

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  8. My best friend is a woman whom I met when I moved to a new area. She was welcoming and warm and we depend upon each other through our problems, illnesses and celebrations.

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  9. My bff is someone I worked with 20 yrs ago and has been mt dear friend even though I’m 20 yrs older than her! She was my maid of honor a few yrs ago and adore her family and youg children

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