AMY POEPELL, Author … and giveaways!



It’s Thanksgiving Day and we’re so excited to spend time with family, friends, watch football … and stuff our faces. (excuse my crassness).

We continue our Holiday visits with some of our favorite authors. Today without further ado, AMY POEPELL!


We absolutely fell in love with Amy Poepell and her debut novel, SMALL ADMISSIONS. I love how she so accurately captured the mishegas surrounding Manhattan’s wealthy upper eastside parents trying to get their pint-sized princes and princesses into grade school. You thought getting into college is tough, admissions for single-digit boys and girls is almost a contact sport in New York City. We obviously weren’t alone in our admiration; Amy topped nearly ever bestseller and must read list in publishing.


Coming up May 2018 Amy’s new novel, LIMELIGHT is about a family who moves from Dallas, Texas to New York City and gets caught up in the glitzy captivating world of Broadway. …there’s no business like show business… Amy took a few moments to answer our Holiday questionnaire and here are some of her answers surrounding the upcoming celebrations.

CR: Favorite Holiday?

AP: Easy, Thanksgiving. I love this holiday because it’s all about food and family, with  none of the pressure to shop for gifts. And I’ll take any excuse to eat mashed potatoes and drink champagne.


CR: Favorite gift you’ve given?

AP:When I got married twenty-five years ago, I wanted to give my husband a rare book. I found a copy of Colley Cibber’s play, THE CARELESS HUSBAND, printed in 1705. It is a treasure!  


CR: Favorite present you’ve received?

AP: My Tumi suitcase with my initials on it. Best bag I’ve ever had. Whether I’m traveling for a book event or a holiday trip, my zippy suitcase makes me feel like a real jet-setter and distracts me from my fear of flying. 🙂

CR: Favorite Holiday music?

AP: I love music from old Christmas movies! I’ll listen to any one of the fabulous (although corny) songs from 50s films, like White Christmas to the stop-motion animated “television specials” of the 60s and 70s, like Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The music in those movies makes me nostalgic (in a good way), while putting me in the holidays spirit.


CR: Favorite Holiday meal and/or dessert?

AP: I love Thanksgiving dinner, and I stick to the same menu year after year: Turkey, stuffing, 3-onion casserole from The Silver Palate Cookbook, garlic smashed potatoes, baked acorn squash. Brussel sprouts In Garten style) and baked apple crisp for dessert. Best meal ever.

CR: Message/wishes for 2018?

AP: To my readers and writer friends: Wishing you all a wonderful new year. I hope 2018 brings you new books to keep you company, entertain you and make you think. Enjoy!


Amy and Tucker

Thank you so much Amy for sharing with us.  … and you too, Tucker, for sharing Amy with us.

FYI: We’re giving away journals to several Thoughts on This ‘n That blog readers. Just tell us what your wishes for 2018 are and maybe you’ll be a winner. We’ll announce winner in a few weeks!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!


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